5 Wise Pursuits Available Through Inexpensive Mobile Technology

Technology is the ultimate gift horse, and one thing that you can use it for, almost to the level of being completely free, is the absorption of knowledge in order to create wisdom or otherwise wise pursuits. Mobile technology can and will take you to great intellectual power, so long as you”re willing to let it.

To show you examples of how that can work exactly, look toward the topics of stress management, meditation, news updates, social connections, and the power of GPS data. Each of those categories call illustrate another inexpensive way that mobile tech gives us access to everyday wisdom.

Stress Management

How do you manage stress? And what happens when you can”t manage it anymore? For people who have been through 12-step recovery programs, they”ll tell you that stress was what often put them over the edge, and that recovery now can be vastly improved by basic apps on their phones that help them with both alarm reminders to do certain things and form certain habits, and focus apps that keep their brains targeted on what they need to accomplish. Recovery programs will tell you that the earlier you manage stress (even potentially through these same apps as used in the programs), you might save yourself the fall into darkness in the first place.


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If you install meditation apps on your mobile device (and once again, many high-quality versions of these programs are totally free), you”ll find that wisdom is often no further than skin deep, as long as you”re looking inward to the right places. The ability to think clearly is the primary pillar of human wisdom, and meditation is the way to see and feel that pillar as it relates to your personal experiences.

News Updates

Wisdom will often come from your ability to absorb and reflect on the news of the world as well, which means that simply by getting a news aggregate app on your mobile device, you”ll have a window to the world that people have never had access to before modern times. You can even customize it to certain areas or certain topics, giving you a chance to read filtered information nearly in real-time.

Social Connection

And it”s hard to complain that you”re disconnected from friends and family these days when the social web is so tight, almost on a worldwide level, that any person that you”ve ever known is most likely just a button push away. Find your wise friends and stick with them in your communication circles!

GPS Data

And a final wise aspect of life that you can pursue through mobile technology is the ability to move through time and space – with a GPS tracker. You can finally get a readout of how long it really takes to get somewhere, and how far and how fast directions translate direct to your capacity to understand time.


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