Design Elements that Lead To Traffic and Conversions

At the end of the day, whatever website design you put together, it”s essential that you focus on creating elements that lead to traffic and then ultimately to conversions. Without keeping that goal in mind, it”s easy to get sidetracked chasing down some less critical aspect of your web framework or another.

Four pieces of advice to follow if you plan on creating the maximum efficiency for conversions include the understanding the necessity for specificity, having online chat capability, making sure that your website is easy to use on any platform, and maintaining focus on targeted social media interactions.


When it comes to specificity in design elements and basic marketing, the more niche your audience, the better conversion rate you”re going to have. For example, travel websites should concentrate on travel marketing. Nutrition websites should focus on design elements that all center around food and fitness. It”s easy to get lost trying to be too general. The more specific details you add that only relate to your industry, the greater market share your advertising is going to have. It might be difficult getting started trying to find out what your focus is, but once you have it, you can hang onto it tightly from a design standpoint.


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Online Chat Capability

People expect instant results and instant interaction these days. At the very least, install an online chat plug-in into your website framework. Even if you don”t have it on all of the time, at this point, people expect to be able to get ahold of someone knowledgeable immediately. It”s not good enough for people to have to email you and expect an answer within a 24 hour period. Now, having that instant check capability gives them the answers for some immediate gratification of their project.

Multi-Platform Ease of Use

If you use responsive web design, then you automatically have the benefit of your website looking good no matter where people browse it from. In other words, they have a great user experience searching for information via their laptop, tablet, cell phone, or any other possible method of reception. In fact, when people run into a website that doesn”t look right, they will leave, regardless if it has all the data that they need!

Targeted Social Media Focus

A final tip regarding design elements is that you can work to get your traffic and conversions from the social media realm, so you need to make sharing as easy as possible from within the constructs of your web design. Every article, every page, and every link should have some way that people can quickly tap one button and share it with any of their social networks. Using user interface design elements to create this ease of sharing is one of the trademarks of successful companies.


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