Great New Developments in Auto Technology

The market may be slow but the technology for automobiles are displaying at an extreme speed.

Most are in the world of safety, but some are a genuine comfort. Typically, impressive features from the producers are provided on higher-end vehicles as options and gradually outflow down to less expensive automobiles as cost decreases, attention improves and demand develops. Here is a collection of technology already provided that could be popular just a year or two from now.

Rear-mounted radar

Find the parking space when you are reversing your car in a busy lot can be a travel. Although rear-pointing radar has been around for a few years notifying drivers to hidden things immediately behind them — a barrier, tree, wall, or another automobile, new radar technology queries for nearing cross traffic. When it “sees” traffic, nearing while you are backing your car, it sounds an alarm. Cross Path Detection System contains visual indicators in the outboard mirrors. Offered in the just-released Mercury Milan and 2010 Fusion, it also has outboard mirror alert signs.


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Night vision with people detection

Although night vision technology in automobiles is an old technology — Rolls Royce provided it in 2000 — the Mercedes-Benz new edition is known as Night vision Support Plus. Compared with the Night vision Support, which has been available in the S-Class since 2005, the new system pinpoints people on the streets, featuring them on a dash panel display. It’s provided in these years E-Class in display rooms late this spring. BMW has a similar system with a people identifier that also displays the direction the people is moving. As the distance ends between people and automobile, an alarm appears on night vision detection and the head-up display on the windows if so equipped. BMW provides this technique on this 2009 Seven Series.

Parental control

Most of Parents scared by their teenager driver to play the vehicle’s speakers at very high volume can use in the new MyKey system of Ford to restrict volume and speed. When designed, MyKey boundaries the speed to 80 mph. It can also be designed to limit the sound volume and with an alert, even if safety belts are left loose. Eventually available in all Fords, MyKey is provided in the recently launched 2010 Evade Multiple and Mercury Mariner Multiple.

GPS automobile tracking

Parents hoping to flourish on the Big Sibling theme can purchase the Live View GPS automobile tracking technology. With only $550 and $40 per month registration fee, you can get a GPS tracking system that updates the position of your vehicle every 10 seconds. Small and convenient, the tracking device can be moved from automobile to another automobile. It can also alert mother and father through their cellphone if the vehicle’s predetermined speed limit is surpassed or if your automobile enters/exits certain areas.

Driver capability

Although it might be beneficial to have a process that analyses driver skills and turns down your automobile when the mess is recognized, we aren’t there yet. Nevertheless, technology prevails that measures a driver’s fitness and issues alert when a person is assessed exhausted or affected. Attention Support, found in this year’s Mercedes-Benz E-Class, recalls a driver’s normal actions behind the wheel and decides it as the driver’s guideline profile. Constantly calculating issues such as horizontal lateral acceleration, speed, pedal use, steering wheel angle, and so forth; it decides if there is any difference from the guideline. If so, it signals the driver creatively and audibly that it’s break time. Even exterior impacts such as crosswind and road surface are considered.

In-car Internet

Although genuine Wi-Fi connection from a moving automobile is still in the end, at the same time the foreseeable upcoming, there are systems that allow for browsing using cellphone technology. The first system to turn your automobile into a Wi-Fi hotspot is Autonet Mobile. Using a transportable wireless router installed in the back or other out-of-the-way location, this technique uses a 3G network technology to supply an ongoing signal no matter the cell tower blind spots, channels and so forth. In addition to the wireless router, there is a monthly registration fee of either $29 or $59 based on approximated utilization.

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