The Best Tools and Techniques for Network Optimization

There are a number of ways to boost your wireless signal and get the best possible reception on your mobile devices, from choosing the most efficient router to finding the network with the best coverage in your area. However, no matter which network you’re using, there are a few techniques that you can use to get the most out of it. Here is a selection of strategies that you can use, whether you’re interested in boosting your signal at home or coping with network strain for your business website.


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Invest in a content delivery network.

One option for businesses who want to safeguard their network against heavy traffic is to sign up for a CDN, or content delivery network. Sending content to the cloud helps optimize its delivery, by spreading the information across a number of different servers. That way, if one server is down then the others are there to back it up. Ideally, a CDN will spread the information across the world so that it’s available for visitors no matter where they are trying to access your site. This is particularly useful for ecommerce business owners who need to contend with flash crowds during times like the holidays or over big sales. A CDN is a very useful network optimization technique to avoid congestion.

Use wires when possible for network optimization.

On the other hand, if you just want the best possible signal in your own home, you probably don’t need to go to the lengths of signing up for a content delivery network. A simple network optimization method for consumers at home is to use wires whenever possible for your internet connection. Even when Wi-Fi is performing at its best, a wired device will often still give you a better performance. Invest in a power line adaptor to boost speeds.

Implement failover architecture.

Do you want to avoid losing revenue if your network goes under? Try setting up failover architecture, even if it’s just a single backup server that can handle your usual traffic should your network go down due to congestion. There are a number of IaaS providers along with big names like Nokia Networks which are capable of keeping servers online even during the periods of highest network traffic.

Change the channel.

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most effective. An easy way to get the most out of your network’s signal is to change the channel. Radio frequency interference can be a problem whether you are accessing the network in the home or office. This can be a bigger problem in buildings containing a high volume of other routers, because most go to the same default channels. Try connecting on a different channel to get a clearer signal with less interference. There are many apps that will help you automatically do this, whether you’re walking around outside or are at home working on your website.

The best strategies to optimize your network will depend on the type of device you’re using, and whether you’re trying to get the most out of the network for personal or business uses. These are a few ideas to help you get started.

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