3 Astonishing Injuries Tech Workers Can Suffer From

Every job has specific risks associated with it. And though many people think of risky employment in terms of construction work or where there are sources of heat or sharp things or big things, plenty of other jobs have plenty of other things that can injure you as well. For example, there are several injuries that tech workers can suffer from because of the nature of their profession.

The three examples that come to mind right away would be electrocution, repetitive motion, and perpetual migraines. Because tech workers are around a lot of equipment, one false move or perhaps something getting wet that shouldn’t be, and the possibility of electrocution is quite high. Tech workers also do a lot of repetitive motions, like typing or using a mouse for example. 


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Over months or years, this can create debilitating injuries. Finally, because tech workers have to spend so much time concentrating on screens, there is the genuine possibility of constant migraines. It is a legitimate cause for concern and should be considered an injury in the right context.


When a tech worker is electrocuted on the job, it’s cause for concern. There is a lot of power running through certain types of machines, and particularly in tech and data centers when so many things are running, the potential for injury or even death is quite significant. Particularly when tech workers are plugging and unplugging powerful computers, hard drives, or data storing machinery, it’s essential to use all of the right safety equipment.

Repetitive Motion

For anyone who has had a job in administration or tech that spends a lot of time typing, you know how quickly repetitive motion injuries can begin to harm your ability to do work. What might start as a small tickling in your wrist or elbow can soon become a severe pain, and if enough of your nerve endings go numb, it can make it so that you cannot do your job. Stretching your arms and wrists regularly will help prevent this in the first place.

Perpetual Migraines

Tech workers often suffer from serious migraines. Because focusing on screens for many hours at a time is an unnatural process, it can trick the brain into being in a lot of pain. If you have ocular migraines, this means that you can’t even see straight anymore either. If you begin noticing symptoms of migraines, make sure to tell your boss, and figure out ways to alleviate your symptoms as soon as possible.

Just because you work in the tech field in a comfortable office doesn’t mean that there is no risk for injury. Ideally, you should know the statistics of what types of injuries are the most common in these tech admin jobs, and do everything possible to prevent yourself from running into issues.


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