3 Ways You Can Make Your Car Smarter

If you have an older car or a car that doesn’t have the upgrades of some modern technologies, you might feel like you’re living in an entirely different era once you sit down in your vehicle. Luckily, there are ways that you can bring some of these conveniences and upgrades into your car without having to get them stocked and loaded when you buy your vehicle. To show you which gadgets are going to be most beneficial to you, here are three ways you can make your car smarter by installing some aftermarket parts.

Get Your Own Data On Your Vehicle

When you take your car in to get some work done, the mechanic you bring your vehicle to will be able to run diagnostics to see what’s really going on on the inside. But if you have a newer car, you can do this completely on your own to save yourself both time and money. According to David Nield, a contributor to Popular Science, almost all cars made after 1996 have the capabilities to have a special sensor plugged in that allows you to get your own data on your car. Once you’re able to see what’s going on without having to pay for a diagnostic check each time, you can get the work priced out or find the parts yourself.


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Enable WiFi

One annoying thing about driving in your car is not having access to WiFi. While you can use the data on your phone, it’s much more convenient for everyone in your vehicle to have the access to the Internet that they are used to. Many newer cars allow you to have a package where this is possible. But according to Cadie Thompson, a contributor to Business Insider, you can also purchase relatively inexpensive gadgets that can help make your car a WiFi hotspot as well. This will enable you and anyone else in your car to use WiFi when you’re driving and save everyone from having to tap into their data when they’re on the road.

Install A Backup Camera

Many of the modern technologies that come in newer cars are there to help you be safer on the road. One of these features that can enhance not only your safety but the safety of those around you is a backup camera. If your car didn’t come equipped with one when you bought it, Jennifer Allen, a contributor to Review Geek, shares that you can install this gadget for as little as $60. When you’re considering safety, this price just can’t be beat.

If you want your car to be considered a “smart car” but don’t want to pay the price tag at the dealership, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you bring in the tech you desire at a price that you’re comfortable with.


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