5 SEO Strategies for Drug Rehab Centers

The days when a drug rehab center could simply start a pay-per-click campaign on an Internet search engine, place a few banner ads on some recovery websites and pay little attention to their center”s website has long gone. Nowadays, so much is involved in converting a website visitor to a paying client. One mistake can cost your Phoenix Drug Rehab center tens of thousands of dollars that could have been better spent in an effective SEO campaign. This article will introduce 5 strategies from the SEO industry that a drug rehab agency can use to convert potential clients to those who will walk through the doors of a center and fill beds

1) Inspirational Quotes

Who does not love a good quote? Having a page of inspirational drug abuse recovery quotes on your center”s website can not only bring those in recovery to your corner of the web, that part of your center”s site can allow people considering rehab to see that a drug-free life is possible.

2) Blog Posts About Post-Recovery Life

Many clients in your drug rehab center may have to deal with the mistakes they made in the throes of their addiction. For example, a blog post detailing how center alumni can petition their state”s Department of the Secretary of State to have their license reinstated can not only help a lot of people, it can keep potential clients on your center”s website for longer periods of time.


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3) Keywords

When creating your center”s website, you do not want to include ten appearances of the same keyword. Recent changes to Google”s search algorithm no longer rewards those websites that include a search term the most times. According to the Content Standard blog on Skyword”s website, a drug rehab center will want to focus on the quality of the provided information, not the quantity of a keyword phrase. “Google no longer uses keyword density as a key performance indicator for search results. Instead, the focus has shifted toward original, quality content that adds value in the ongoing Web conversation within a specific vertical, space or industry.”

4) Backlinks

One of the ways that Google determines a website”s ranking is to look at the website”s authority. Google usually does this by looking at the number of web pages that link back to the original website.

5) The Website Experience

Ensuring that your drug rehab center”s website is easy to navigate, contains visually pleasing graphics, and has useful information is important. One reason is that Google partly determines a website”s ranking based on how long visitors stay on it. Making sure that your center”s website can hold the interest of potential clients and their loved ones for a considerable amount of time can pay off in the long run.

If employees at your drug addiction treatment center do not either educate themselves in the intricacies of SEO or hire a professional, your center could have difficulty standing out among your competition. A potential client has a lot of options when it comes to treatment centers. Obtaining knowledge of SEO practices or hiring a professional could be one way to get an edge that puts you in front of more clients.

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