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Do you wish to create your free website and make it amazingly beautiful for the visitors, if so then probably Wix is the place to be. Wix, puts forth some of the amazing features with the help of which a good and interactive website can be created. The company has undoubtedly found out new and innovative ways of developing the website which was left unexplored till now. Wix has even come up with its new product that is perfect for musicians and can assist them in selling and promoting the music online.

Features of Wix

  • Strips: These are the building blocks of your website wherein your web page would be divided into strips. On these strips one can either put text, images or videos as per their requirement and make the site look beautiful and informative.
  • Video Background: This is another amazing feature which can be used for setting up a website. Set a video as your background on your website. This is one of the most unique ideas which can be used for creating a website. You can even record yourself and set the video. If you are thinking of creating a music website, then it is a good idea to post your video, to make it look fun and interesting for the visitors.


  • Parallax effect: Adding 3D images is one of the best features which have been brought forth by Wix for its customers. So now companies can easily incorporate the Parallax effect on their website and attract visitors from different parts of the world.
  • Template designs: In order to enable the users to effectively design their website, various template designs have been made available for Wix users. Any particular kind of template can be chosen by the users, which can best meet their expectations and enable them design that perfect website. Thus with Wix, you can take a step ahead to create your free website and make the most out of these template designs.
  • Pin Elements: It is important to pin elements in the form of text or buttons onto the main screen, so that visitors can easily recognize action items on your website and can always retrieve information easily. It is the layouts of a website which will attract an individual towards the web and enable them understand what the page is all about. If an individual is intending to create a music website, you can pin a “listen to my album” button to give individuals an easy way to get to the important stuff on your website.
  • Gallery: Wix has a big selection of image galleries from which users can make an appropriate choice for their website and thus design their web in the best way possible. One of the best things about Wix, is that users don’t have to look for a lot of other iamge options or scroll down the internet to get relevant content for their website. By just opening the gallery at Wix, you can find a lot of content and make an appropriate choice to create their own website.
  • Easy layouts: For any website which is designed, it is important for the owner to ensure that it can be used by the visitors without much challenge. The design of a web after all determines its success in the market. Hence users can conveniently choose the layout for their web and make it easily functional for the visitors operating on it.


Managing your website

Once the user has been successful in creating the website, it is important to manage it thoroughly such that it can be used by the visitors appropriately and can also increase the business and popularity of website in the market. Hence users must make sure that data and information provided on the web is up to date and managed appropriately. If in case, user wish to amend the information or image available on the site, they can easily carry out such amendment on their own without looking out for assistance of some other people or experts on the job.

Customer support

With extensive features available at, the company also provides its customers with support. So in case the user is facing any kind of problem in designing their website or facing a challenge using the features of Wix, then they can send an email to the customer support department who are always available for the assistance of users. In order to contact the customer care department, one can either make a phone call or can send an email and within no time queries of the customers will be taken care of. While seeking help you can be sure that you are in the safest hands, as experts are available for the assistance of customers who would provide the user with right alternative or solution. Thus one need not have to deal with any problems while creating a free website on the web.


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