How to extract data from iTunes backup?

Data loss can be a tormenting phase in anyone’s life. Considering the fact that most of our lives these days are stored away in our PC’s, laptops and smart devices, we really don’t have much choice but to prepare for the worst when it comes to data loss. Your best bet during one of those times would be the Coolmuster iPhone backup extractor which allows you to recover your crucial iPhone data from an iTunes backup on your Windows computer. And all this can be achieved without even connecting your iPhone to a computer.

With this iPhone backup extractor, you can

  • Recover almost any lost data like photos, contacts, music, video, texts etc
  • There is no need to connect your iPhone to the computer
  • Works fine with iPad and iPod as well


Many of us do an iTunes back up to Windows regularly. But almost none of us know how to use this backup to recover your data in the event of a device crash or data loss. One cannot be blamed for not knowing how to do this, because the iTunes backup file cannot be read. Therefore, it needs special tools that can decode the SQlitedb file and allow access into the backup vault. This is where the Coolmuster iPhone backup extractor can be a life saver. Using this software, you can recover all your files or selectively recover some of it back. The Preview mode allows you to see which files are available for recovery. This will give you a better idea as to what to recover and what not to.

Let’s see how this iPhone backup extractor can be used to extract photos from backup files

  • There is a Windows as well as a Mac version available for this software. So download and install the version suited for your needs first.
  • What you need to do now is to scan your backup file. The tool will automatically detect any iTunes backup file present on your computer. It will display all such backups as per the device, backup date and serial number for your convenience. You need to choose one among this and click on “start scan”
  • After the scan, the files will be classified into categories. You have to choose ‘photos’ from the list.
  • Then use the preview option to see which all photos you need to be recovered. Mark all such photos and click ‘Recover’ button.

And you are done! The Coolmuster iPhone backup extractor offers the easiest and most reliable mode to recover your lost iPhone data.

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