How to recover data after a partition error?

Be prepared for the worst

A partition is a space in a hard drive or a logical drive that we allocate to save data. Generally speaking, in Windows computers, partitions may be named C Drive, D Drive and so on. Partitioning a hard drive makes it easier for us to classify data and minimizes the risk of data loss when an unpartitioned hard drive malfunctions. However, we encounter a lot of cases these days when partitions face some kind of problem wherein we are not able to access the data stored on them or a hard drive error occurs resulting in data loss. Although there are a few things we can do to minimize such steps, there is no solution that can absolutely prevent such a scenario from occurring. The only way to be ready for such a situation is by learning how to recover lost partition and knowing more about file recovery.

What results in a partition loss?

Virus attacks are one of the most commons reasons these days why data loss happen. People are connected to the web for hours at an end and do not always follow safe internet etiquettes. By downloading unscrupulous free software’s and clicking on seemingly harmless links, they open their computer to the risks of a virus or spyware attack. Eventually, this will lead to a hard drive crash and data loss. Another reason for data loss is accidental formatting or installation of incompatible softwares. Yet another reason is hardware failure which is not that uncommon.


How to recover data from a lost partition?

It goes without saying that a huge majority of computer users have no clue about what a partition is or how to recover lost partition. Such people without the technical know-how and those who cannot afford an overrated technician, there is always the option to go for reliable and robust file recovery software like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. It can be used to recover data from a lost partition, deleted partition or even a formatted one. Moreover, it is compatible with almost all the Drive systems in existence like FAT 32, NTFS, IDE, SATA etc
Listed below are the steps to recover data from a lost partition.

  1. You will have to download and install the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to your computer first. This tool is available for both Windows and Mac computers.
  2. After launching the Wizard, you will be presented with an option to choose file types as listed below
    1. Graphics
    2. Document
    3. Email
    4. Audio
    5. Video
    6. Other
  3. After choosing appropriate file types, you can proceed to choose the disk where your data was lost.
  4. Perform a scan with the selected parameters. This will list all the recoverable files available. You can preview the file to ensure that is what you want. After you have chosen all requires files, continue with the file recovery by selecting ‘Recover’ button.

All recovered files needs to be moved to a different drive partition to avoid data loss due to over writing.

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