Top Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your IT Security Department

Security should be a number one priority for your personal and for your business affairs.  There are far too many pieces of too many people’s personal information that are stored in your electronic files.  You can’t afford to put yourself or your clients at risk for financial theft, or even worse, identity theft.  These sort of crimes are extremely prevalent in the business world.  Don’t fall victim to yet another security breach.  Here are a few of the most common mistakes made by business owners at home and in the office.  Maybe being more aware of the pitfalls of IT will groom a safe and secure system.

Don’t develop a false sense of security

It’s easy when you’re a part of top management to put the matter of IT security into the back rooms of your mind, and just assume they’re handling their responsibilities properly.  You can’t do this.  You should be fully aware of all of the security measures being utilized in your company.  Information can be sold for a hefty price by hackers to identity thieves.  Don’t just assume that this won’t happen to you.


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Post-It Notes will undo the most complex security

Those cute little sticky notes on the desktop of your computers are NOT where you should be typing your personal information or passwords.  Hackers can access this information almost instantly if they choose.  It’s far too easy, and you would be asking to be hacked.  Most people don’t even think of those little squares being so dangerous, but beware!

Please don’t use weak passwords

You should definitely know by now that a weak password is an opened door for intruders.  Don’t be silly and use a password like god or password! Change your passwords often.  Disgruntled employees or former employees no longer need access to those pieces of information.  They could do some damage to your company, depending on which password they are using.  Your password is at its strongest when it contains numbers, letters, and characters.  This includes both upper and lowercase letters.  

Updating your software is crucial

Every bit of your software and even your operating system comes out with updates regularly.  You need to be vigilant, and keep up with those updates.  They are crucial to keeping all of your programs running properly.  They usually contain important security updates.  If you want to start keeping up, because you haven’t been, you can go to the home website of the programs you are looking to update.  There you should easily be able to find the latest version of whatever it is you’re running.  It won’t take long, either.  Just make sure that you cover all your bases.


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