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If you are a business person, blogger, or anyone who has a message to get across, you probably know that using a website is among one of the best ways to communicate with a large number of people. However, what many people don”t know is that web design is no loner a tedious task due to some excellent website building services. Here are the top services for web design.


WordPress is an incredibly popular tool for individuals seeking to design a website. If you asked 10 regular bloggers about their preference for web design services, WordPress would likely be the top choice for over half of them. This is largely due to the fact that WordPress offers many options for users with a huge array of needs. For example, news writers can find tools that will keep their readers in the know while opinion writers can utilize fun and flavorful themes that match their personalities. These options are literally limitless because of WordPress” open source nature. Hundreds of designers and WordPress users from across the world continuously work to improve the design service and its potential. This is the workhorse of do-it-yourself website builders.


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Wix is a useful web design tool for people who little or limited knowledge in HTML and coding. Because of its ease of use and appeal to many business people, Wix is very popular among small business owners and other related individuals. This website builder is heavily based on the use of templates for the appearance and layout of web pages. All templates are based on the Google-friendly HTML5, so users do not need to worry about the site format being out of line with search engine optimization standards. Wix is ideal for businesses and professionals who are looking to create a small website for resumes, offered services, and portfolios.


Jimdo is similar to Wix, but it has much more options and freedom available in terms of the purpose and nature of the created website. Jimdo provides users with unlimited pages, so you can use this website building tool for a variety of purposes ranging from a short business outline to an elaborate blog and photo gallery. Jimdo also provides the benefit of minimal ads from the web host.


Webs is website building tool that offers plenty of options for users that are planning to create a large amount of count. Features such as Twitter feeds, blogs, and Facebook widgets can all be added to webpages by dragging them from a tool bar to the web page. Apps are also used to provide features such as calendars and forums on standalone pages. These aspects are ideal for users that have limited knowledge in HTML coding. Members-only pages can be also created to ensure that certain information on your site is protected once it is published.


This website builder is highly reviewed and delivers a large number of effective services. The website editor is interactive and provides features ranging from audio to a site search function. The most notable feature of SquareSpace is its form builder. This flexible tool provides users with the ability to create everything from menus to unique blog templates.


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