Use an HTML5 Flip Magazine for Powerful Marketing

Ever consider publishing your own niche magazine as a way to market your products or other services? The field of periodicals has long been out of reach for the little entrepreneur due to the scope of printing and shipping a magazine. But with new digital and online options, anyone can publish a professional looking magazine to help with their marketing.

Now you can utilize online tools to build a realistic flipbook (click here to visit the article) that can help you realize your publication dreams.

Why a Magazine?

Most magazines are published as a product themselves, earning money through subscriptions as well as internal advertising. But you can also use a magazine as way to promote yourself or your business.

A brochure or catalog can be too promotional in some situations, especially if you are just trying to get some exposure or to slowly lead people to you without an immediate sales pitch. It can also give you some authority to have your name associated with a publication, particularly if you gear the magazine so that”s not obviously your own project.


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How to Make One?

Once you”ve decided to add a magazine to your marketing toolbox, you have to roll up your sleeves and get building. Thankfully, it”s very easy and won”t require any lengthy tutorials to get you started. First you need to gather photos and text content (either write your own, or hire a few freelancers to handle the content). When you have the material for your first issue, you can begin.

Next, you need to find a suitable flipbook making tool or service. There are a few places you can try with being one of the best ones for services and cost. You can start up with a free account and upgrade later if you want to get more serious with additional features. Sign up, and the controls are easy to follow without much preparation.

When you start your new publication, you simply drag and drop your text content or graphics into each page and position however you like. Want a little extra pizazz? You can also use video, music or other audio along with the usual photos.

After you have all your material in place, including any relevant URLs in places where you think people may want to link to for further information, all you do is save and publish. Your magazine is now ready to read and share. It will be readable on the service”s own site collection, and you can paste the document code into any webpage where you want people to read your magazine. You don”t have to send it out or wait for people to download.

Keep it Going

A single issue is fine but to really build up the promotional muscle, you need to keep going. A magazine is typically issued monthly or bi-monthly, though a quarterly publication might work for some industries too. If promoted right, your magazine can start to build a reputation as a valuable resource, and soon other people may be pitching article ideas to you and offering to write guest articles because they want exposure in your magazine.


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