2 Reasons Losing Weight Will Improve Your Life

Body image has been a hot topic for centuries. While the idea of the perfect and ideal body changes, the motivations behind it don’t. People used to covet fair skin never touched by the sun because it signified wealth and prosperity. Today, the tanner you are, the more beautiful you’re considered.

In the same way, ideas about weight have shifted. In many cultures of the past, being overweight was also something to be admired because it meant that you were well taken care of and had not a want for anything. Today, especially in countries built around materialism and the pressures placed by media, the thinner you are, the better, and you’re not valuable unless you have less than 10% body fat.

This isn’t a message to go along with the “love your body” campaign that has been so popular lately, because it is important that everybody doesn’t place their value in their body weight, but there are reasons losing weight will improve your life. Here are just 2 of them:


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You’ll Feel Better

When you have extra weight on your body it does so many different things, not only to the psyche, but also to your physical body. A little fat here and there isn’t bad. It’s actually healthy, but it also depends where the fat is stored and what kind of fat it is, but let’s not get into that now.

When you lose the extra weight, you won’t feel dragged down by all the toxins and chemicals that are being stored in your fat and affecting your energy and performance levels, and you’ll also be encouraged that when you put on clothing, you feel good in it because not only is your body in a healthier place, so is your mind and spirit because you’ve cleansed yourself of one of the things your body was not designed to carry around.

You’ll Have New Motivation

Body image has this ability to affect every aspect of a person”s life. If you’re not happy in your body, it’s hard to be happy with anything. First and foremost, your body is your home and your temple of sorts. This is way it’s important to take care of yourself. When you lose weight, you’ll find that you have a new motivation for everything in life. You’ll feel empowered to keep going, you’ll feel empowered to address another area in your life that needs tweaking.

Weight loss is a catalyst to other positive changes in life. Your outlooks improve, your goals change, your focus gets realigned, and you find that life isn’t all that bad. If you take care of yourself first, everything else seems to fall in place, or at least life feels like it’s a bit easier to manage.


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