How to Apply Online for an EIN

An EIN number is a tax identification number used by a business in the United States. There are several business types that require an EIN number, such as an LLC or Trust. The process to apply for an EIN may seem confusing to those who have never completed the paperwork before. At Gov Doc Filing, the process of applying is made simple. Paperwork is provided online so that businesses can get a head start on setting up the proper identification for the new entity.

The Application Process

To apply for an EIN online, a business owner will need to select the entity type first, before filling out paperwork. The type of entity being created or in existence will dictate which type of EIN forms will need to be filed. Once the entity type has been selected, a simple application will need to be filled out. Once completed, you will find your Tax ID is sent to the email provided within the application.


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If you still feel unsure about the process of filling out a tax ID application, Gov Doc Filing provides 24/7 support for assistance. You will have access to a third party that helps you with the filing process for the ID number. With the help of support, you can choose the right entity type and get started with the paper filing in a quick and simple manner.

The new tax ID number should be received within an hour of submitting the online application via the website. You can then use the EIN number provided for your business needs. This number is used to open a bank account for your business as well as when applying for a business license in your state as well as used when filing a tax return via mail.

Use Gov Doc Filing to easily apply for an EIN number to get your business ready for operation.


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