3 Gadgets To Install for Making Your Home Smarter This Summer

With new home technology coming on the market at all times, it can be hard to know which products to invest in that will make your home smart in the way the best fits your family. While you can have devices that will help automate almost all areas of your home, unless you’re right on the cutting edge of technology, you likely won’t use every piece of smart home equipment that comes out over the course of your lifetime. So to help those looking to make their home smarter in a practical way, here are three gadget you might want to install over the summer to bring your home into the new technological era.

Electronic Locks

Keeping your home safe is one of the greatest priorities of any person. And while basic locks have done the trick for years, there are now ways to make your home even more secure. PopularMechanics.com shares that one way you can better protect your home is to install electronic locks. Not only will these types of locks allow you to see if someone is approaching your home, but they also make it easy to open your home to your guests when you’re not around. By giving you the option to email time-sensitive passcodes to your guest, it’s now easier than even to feel secure while you’re home or away while still ensuring that those who need to get in your house can and those who should be staying out are doing so.


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Smart Lighting Options

One of the greatest benefits of making your home smarter is your ability to better customize your energy usage to your lifestyle. Aside from having a smart thermostat, you can also alter your energy usage in your smart home by having smart lighting options. Samuel Gibbs, a contributor to The Guardian, writes that there are three basic ways to have smart lighting: the switches, the plugs, and the bulbs. Gibbs shares that one benefit of using smart bulbs over the other options is that you can replace the bulbs yourself, meaning you don’t have to hire a contractor or electrician to come in and make the upgrades for you.

Remotes That Do It All

The more connected various aspects of your home are to each other, the smarter your home will become. Knowing this, Bryant McInerney and Javier E. David, contributors to CNBC.com, recommend getting a universal remote that will allow you to control different parts of your home automation system from one location. By choosing the right universal remote for your needs, you can do things like adjust music, control your television, dim the lighting, lock your doors, and more all using the same small piece of handheld equipment.

If you’ve been wanting to make your home smarter but haven”t been sure where to start, use the tips mentioned above to help you get there over the course of the summer.


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