3 Ways To Add Value To Your Online Business

Every business person ultimately wants to add value to their online presence. The entire point of putting your brand on the web is so that you can somehow create more value for your efforts. Because the online world has no barriers to entry, that gives you a chance to shine as long as you have great content and a fantastic plan. However, because there are no barriers to entry, it also means you compete with the rest of the world.

So, what are the ways to add value to your brand online? Check out three possibilities. First of all, you could create a members-only section. It gives the pretense of exclusivity. Second, you could use permission marketing. That ensures that you don”t spam people and make them aggravated at your pushy promotions. And third, you could develop a network of links. Whatever it is that you post, you can make it so that high-quality content webs out from your initial thoughts and ideas.


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This way, you add value by giving people further excellent outside information comma, and there is also the expectation that other people will link to you.

Creating a Members Only Section

One of the best ways to add value to your online business is to create a members-only section. If anybody can get to a site and access all of the content, there is limited value in their eyes. However, if they exchange something, maybe it is money or a piece of personal information about them, for example, then suddenly this exclusivity factor makes a lot more sense. That is how you develop a fanbase that regularly comes back to you. It creates an insiders club that makes it a value-added experience rather than a generic one.

Using Permission Marketing

And how about using permission marketing? If you have never heard of this technique, it has been around for a while. If you make people ask for permission to get your email content, that means that you already have a captive audience. You don”t send people things that they don”t want. Instead, you send them something that they ask for. You ask for their permission to promote, thereby allowing you to recognize that everyone on your list is someone who wants to be a part of your brand. It is a very simple concept, but one that is not used as much as it should be.

Developing a Network of Links

Finally, consider the fact that developing a network of links is a great idea. Inside every post of yours, you should add dynamic links to expert commentary about your topic. This way, not only are people getting the value from your content, but they are also deriving value from the material that you send them to externally. It is just good business.


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