4 Travel Details Not to Post on Social Media

It’s understandable: Traveling is exciting, you want to share photos and itineraries with your friends, and you’re sure your social media has the strongest of security settings. However, there’s really no telling who can gain access to your social media account. Maybe a friend had their phone stolen and didn’t have a lock on it, or maybe your privacy settings aren’t as solid as you think. If you have a trip coming up, there are certain details that shouldn’t be shared until you return.

Whether you’re planning a trip abroad or mapping out the ultimate New York to Washington DC bus trip, allow for a little mystery. Only tell one or two trusted people (not via social media) your plans so they can check in on you. Otherwise, leave these details out of social media at least until you return home:

1. Upcoming departure dates

Nobody on your Facebook feed needs to know exactly when you’re leaving and returning. This simply opens you up to a burglary and advertises that your house may be empty. Even if you hire a housesitter, as is recommended by The Independent, you can put their well-being at risk if burglars think the home is vacant. Leave the dates between you and your travel buddies.

2. Photos mid-trip

You might want to share that perfectly filtered selfie in front of the Statue of Liberty as soon as possible, but remember patience is a virtue. Wait until you return, then create an album with (already passed) dates so that it’s clear you’re back. As an added bonus, this helps you actually enjoy the trip instead of trying to showcase it in the best light.


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3. Check ins

As tempting as it may be to check in at places like the Washington Monument or Magnolia’s Bakery, resist. When you check in somewhere that’s far from home, you’re passively letting people know you’re away. It’s just another way of opening yourself up to disaster and the last thing you want is a police call about a broken in home while on your trip.

4. Exactly where you’re going

At the very least, if you can’t help but mention an upcoming trip, don’t mention exact dates or where you’ll be staying. Saying you’ll be in “Costa Rica” is enough; you don’t need to name the resort or even the beach town. While you’re checking out the best beach resorts from a resource like Travel + Leisure, let it remain a mystery for your SM followers until you return.

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