5 Best Education Applications For Apple IPhone 5

Education is very important in every person’s life as it leads you to opportunities and success. Earlier, the education was only limited to the available books, coaching centers and schools. But in today’s world many Smartphone have launched apps for education in order to render help to the students. Here is a list of best education applications for Apple iPhone.

1. BigWords

The Bigwords app is said to be one of the most valuable applications for the students as well as those people who need to search a specific book and purchase them at very reasonable price. Sellers can their books at a better price then they could get by selling them to book stored. It is a web site which helps you to find the cheapest books for anyone by comparing the prices at all the good online shops, which eventually saves the buyer’s money.

2. Evernote

It is a remarkable application available on Apple iPhone 5 which allows you to create notes. It connects the user to internet as holds features of twitter and geo location. It creates notes by capturing images. It allows synchronization to web using an online account with any time access. It is available for free. It allows you to search for text from in between images.


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3. Dictionary

Vocabulary is very important for every student and carrying a dictionary every where is next to impossible. Hence, iPhone provides an application namely Dictionary.com which provides the accurate meaning and information of all kinds of words from Dictionary.com as well as Thesaurus.com.

4. Istudies PRO

It is a paid application, which helps students to improve their academic performance. You can easily organize your task, subjects, schedules, assignments and homework in a very beautiful manner with the help of color codes. It keeps the student alert for pending assignments and tasks. It is very important during exams, tests and hectic schedule of students.

5. Wikipedia

It is a very important application in the Apple iTunes store. It is the molded app version of Wikipedia.com. Wikipedia.com is known as the 6th position website in the world. It provides the best source of information in any subject and any field. It allows students to learn deeply about a particular topic. One can download and use this educational application for free from the iTunes store.

Thus, these are the best educational applications for Apple iPhone 5. It is highly recommendable for student so that they may perform their assignments easily.

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