5 Must-Have Technologies to Enhance Your Network Marketing

With a plethora of companies trying to sell some type of marketing technology in an array of categories, it”s not surprising that marketers often find themselves overwhelmed. According to Harvard Business Review, many marketers have reported rapid and significant ROI from adopting technologies and tools such as those that will be covered in this article. Here are five technologies/programs that network marketers should have access to in order to grow leads and revenue.

1. Analytics

In the world of marketing, the performance of channels, technologies, and ads are more trackable than ever. This means that today”s marketers are more aware of what”s working and what isn”t. The clear most popular tool for website analytics is the free Google Analytics, which is the choice tool for over 80% of mid-market and small websites. It”s certainly a good place to start, and at some point you may see a need for the paid version or other tools such as Adobe Analytics.

2. Email

When it comes to digital marketing, email marketing is the heavyweight gorilla. And this doesn”t mean spamming people by buying lists that are also available for sale to your competitors, too. Email marketing is really about getting people to give permission for you to send them additional information via email, and then sending only valuable content that is specifically tailored to their interests. Closing a sale takes more than one touch; the power of email marketing lies in the fact that you stay in front of customers and prospects who have expressed interest in hearing from you.


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3. Search Engine Marketing

When it comes to search engine marketing, there are both paid search ads, such as Google AdWords, and SEO to try to reach high organic search listings for the content on your website. Since most people utilize search as part of their work, you need to be a presence when these people search for what you are selling. Search ads allow you to test and optimize ad copy, keywords, offers and more. Leading tools for search engine marketing include Google AdWords, Wordtracker, and BrightEdge.

4. Conversion Optimization

This involves getting people who come to your website to do what you want them to do as much as possible. Usually this involves filling out a form so that you have their email address at the very least. Only about 3% of people coming from an online ad will actually fill out a website form; however, with conversion optimization this number can be doubled. If you”re going to make the effort to get people to your website, you might as well get as many of them as possible to convert.

5. Mobile

Nowadays, half of emails are opened on smartphones, and soon the same percentage of search will be done on smartphones. What does this indicate? That all websites need to be mobile friendly. The unfortunate truth is that only less than one-third of them are. Responsive design is the most common technique for building a mobile-ready website. This technique resizes the website to fit on whatever device it”s being viewed.

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