5 Ways Businesses and Companies Can Use Analytics To Improve Their Bottom Line

There”s constantly effort being put into improving the bottom line. This could be the financial bottom line. The social bottom line. The bottom line of cultural relevancy. But in all cases, it comes down to tech-based metrics of some sort.

So what are some ways that business and companies are currently using various forms of analytics to help out their causes, and which of these methods could you potential use? Consider the following five categories of call center analytic, web traffic analytics, social media analytics, forum analytics, and consumer feedback analytics.

Call Center Analytics

Lots of business is still done via the call center. Lots of sales. Lots of troubleshooting. Lots of customer and consumer support. And businesses know that the overall processes involved in this can still be improved, and that”s why they use call center monitoring analytics. Essentially, a set of processes and programs are going to absorb all of the data in real time, and give an analysis to the managers in charge about what is being done well, and what can be done better.

Web Traffic Analytics

And by looking at Google”s web traffic analytics, more data can be used to positive advantage as well. If webmasters and managers know where traffic is coming from, how long users stay, what the entry and exit pages are, and other information like that, they can continue to tailor the experience to the people who seem to have the most value to the company in question. It”s a number crunching game at that point.


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Social Media Analytics

When it comes to social media analytics, it”s all about reach and shareability. And with various analytics programs, you can see who is sharing, what their network is like, and what kind of positive growth comes from each type of link, video, photo, or blog post that goes out within the social sphere of the internet.

Forum Analytics

The idea behind forum analytics is that they are largely self governing. In other words, upvotes and downvotes are going to spread across that spectrum, and that is the best way to tell which information is valuable and which things people are disinterested in. With these types of analytics available, companies can pick and choose what type of message they put across, how, and in which formats.

Consumer Feedback Analytics

Finally, businesses and companies can use consumer feedback analytics to promote their interests. By putting out any kind of survey, the answer can be immediately analyzed and categorized for easy observation, and the direction of the company can be altered by the resulting overview. All of these methods provide technically advanced ways for companies to remain competitive.


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