5 Ways To Enhance Your Digital Security

It”s easy to get caught up in the convenience of the digital revolution, especially now that you can do almost everything with a mobile phone or tablet that you used to have to have a computer for. But, with that convenience, there are all sort of security risks, and many people don”t consider them as they”re going about their daily business.

Consider, for a second, that some ways to make sure that your digital security is as private as possible will require you to encrypt your emails, use password managers and strong passwords, avoid 3rd party information-seeking apps, be especially cautious about cloud use, and keep everything updated (including operating systems and individual apps).

1. Encrypt Your Emails

With all of the news of people”s emails getting hacked, or other people”s emails not being secure enough for the industries that their in, you”d think that it would be common sense that people should encrypt their emails whenever possible. However, that practice isn”t nearly as prevalent as it should be, and any time there is any kind of a server hack, personal attack, or account hack, every single message you have archived is instantly accessible to anyone who has gained entry, unless you have encryption involved.


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2. Use Strong Passwords and Password Managers

Hackers are notorious for getting people”s digital data simply by using easy password hacks. You can read about the most common passwords, and then just start chewing away at people accounts, and there”s a good chance that you can get in eventually. Because of this, if you want to remain safe, use a password manager extension and have it choose your passwords for you. They will be specifically designed to avoid these kinds of hacks.

3. Avoid 3rd Party Information Seekers

Inside a lot of social media platforms, you can give access to different third party apps (think games or surveys), and that are data aggregators that can ultimately piece together a lot about you. If you”re concerned about your digital privacy, it”s best to just completely avoid them.

4. Be Cautious About Cloud Use

Depending on which cloud service you use, there are different amounts of security involved. If you”re just keeping archives of pictures of your cats, then privacy might not be a big deal. But if you”re keeping business or financial information, you want to choose the most secure cloud service possible.

5. Keep Everything Updated

The finally way to enhance your overall digital security is to keep all of your apps, programs, and operating systems updated at all times. When developers find security flaws, they will automatically send you notifications of updates – and these are definitely things that you can”t ignore!


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