Amazon Alexa VS Google Home: Which one is Better

Like some of the other inventions in recent times, such as smartwatches, smartphones, and tablets, and other electronic products home assistants is one of the new categories that is very famous. This category came into existence when Amazon launched its smart speaker name Echo which has inbuilt voice assistant Alexa and Google has recently launched its another smart speaker name Google Home. These both technologies depends on the Artificial Intelligence system.

Amazon began the present pattern of voice collaborators when it propelled the Amazon Echo four years back. In any case, the primary mover advantage doesn”t keep going throughout the entire that in tech, and Google has been pouring its extensive manmade brainpower assets into the Google Assistant as far back as at that point. The organization simply declared a heap of new highlights for the Google Assistant at its I/O engineer gathering, and for once, things Alexa will battle to coordinate. The price of both the smart speakers are nearly same. But if you use some Amazon coupons then you can avail up to 10% off on Echo. There is no such discount is available on Google home.

Here’s how all the new Google Assistant features compare to Amazon Alexa.


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The compatibility of the device

Last time, Alexa gloated similarity with in excess of 12,000 savvy home gadgets, with the rundown of items going from Ring video doorbells to Jenn-Air keen apparatuses. Alexa additionally has the edge as far as equipment, with a few Echo gadgets to browse, and in addition two gadgets with a screen that are as of now accessible — the Echo Show and Echo Spot.

In additionally, Google reported that the Google Assistant presently works with in excess of 5,000 shrewd home gadgets, which is truly great considering that number was a little more than 1,000 a year ago. On the other hand, working with clear gadgets like Nest cams and indoor regulators (Nest is possessed by Alphabet, which is the parent organization of Google), it works including August brilliant locks to Philips Hue lighting. As voice associate similarity turns into the standard with shrewd home gadgets, we”re certain that more organizations will come soon.

Multiple Voices

In Google home, the organization declared that there are six new voices going to the Google Assistant, a much needed development from the male and female voices at present accessible. They additionally utilize Google”s Wave Net preparing framework, which makes the voices sound more normal than the present releases. Artist John Legend voiced one of the new aides, which denotes the first run through a VIP voice has been comprehensively accessible, as opposed to simply categorized into a turn-by-turn satnav framework. Furthermore, Assistant will be accessible in 30 nations and 80 dialects before the year”s over.

Alexa was ahead on this front previously, as it has male and female adaptations with American, Canadian, Australian, Indian, and British articulations. Alexa can likewise differ the pitch and talking volume more than Google. Alexa is right now accessible in German and Japanese and English.

Phone calls to your contact list

Both thye devices Google and Alexa has the ability to make phone calls to your client contacts or neighborhood organizations, implying that you can guide your voice right hand to decide, and after that continue to converse with the individual on the opposite end through your savvy speaker. However, Google has increased the diversion in a unpleasant route with Google Assistant”s recently declared Duplex component, which enables your voice collaborator to make approaches your benefit. What”s more, when we say “your sake,” we imply that your voice colleague won”t simply call for you, yet in addition talk for you, utilizing an unbelievably life-like human voice. Google exhibited the component at I/O, where Duplex called a hair salon. The Google Assistant voice sounded fantastically human-like, notwithstanding tossing in “mmms” and “ums” and delays amid the discussion. You can hear the call by tapping on the sound clasp above.

Amazon Alexa currently has nothing like Duplex, but with the battle raging between the two voice assistant giants, something similar may not be far behind.

Music playback

If there”s one aspect where they both fail catastrophically, it”s at playing music. Ever wondered why they only ask these things to play a playlist of some sort in their ads? It”s because getting them to play a particular song can often be a nightmare. Google Home and Echo support other audio providers apart from their own. Echo supports Saavn, which it defaults to if it can”t find a song on its own service, and Home does the same with Gaana. You don”t need a subscription on these alternative services to play for them as both have a free plan even on other platforms. However, their audio quality is abysmal; Saavn plays music in 96kbps on Echo, down from 256kbps VBR on Prime Music and although I don”t have the exact figure for Gaana, it”s not going to be over their standard 128kbps for free plan.


The latest Amazon Echo (pictured below) is much better looking than its predecessor. It”s a squat cylinder, about six inches high, with several removable fabric and wood covers so it can fit into a range of home designs. The top of the Echo has a volume ring that lights up whenever Alexa is activated. It has two buttons: one that turns the microphone off, and a multipurpose Action button. By comparison, the Google Home measures 5.6 inches tall and 3.8 inches around. It comes in white, with swappable fabric and metal bases in seven colors. The Home”s aesthetic is inspired by candles and wine glasses, with a top half made of smooth, hard plastic that lights up with LEDs in four colors when it”s listening. It also has a touch interface you can use to play and pause music, change volume, and activate Google Assistant. On the back there”s a physical Mute button.

The Vedict

For now, the Amazon Echo is the better voice assistant in India. It can do so much more than the Google Home and that makes all the difference. The Google Home often felt like the Assistant from the phone was put in a box with speaker and mic and didn”t bring any extra functionality over that; you”re honestly better off just using the Assistant on your phone. The speaker on the Google Home is also rubbish and it lacks basics such as an audio jack. While Google can answer some queries better than Amazon thanks to its search prowess, it doesn”t quite close the gap. In the end, the Echo comes out ahead of the two and is the one I”d get if I was in the market for a voice assistant in India. So, if you want to buy Amazons’ smart speaker then check out the Amazon electronic coupons to avail 20% off.


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