Exciting Technologies Changing The Electric Power Industry

People have been leveraging the technology of electric power for over a century. Over the years, the ways in which we gather, store, and use energy for electric power have shifted. Recently, technology has made more of an impact than ever before on the electric power industry.

Take a moment now to read through a brief look at some of the most exciting technologies changing the electric power industry today. Next time you call in a professional electrician, you’ll have a deeper appreciation for the process/skill involved in lighting up your home.

Electricity from the wind

People have been using the wind to produce electricity for quite some time, but technology has made the process more efficient. Today’s wind turbines use a drive train to generate and store electricity in a power grid.

Wind Power

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The power of one small wind turbine is enough to power a home or small business indefinitely. Since wind is renewable, this method of electric production has a solid future in the industry.

Using water for electricity

There’s nothing new about hydroelectric energy production, but the technologies used to harvest the power of water are evolving.

Specialists who manage and maintain the many hydroelectric dams around the world are able to keep a close eye on the turbines, water levels, water pressures, and more through today’s newest tech tools.

Data collection and analysis are more efficient than ever, making the energy production cleaner and more efficient as well.

Turning the sun into electricity

The technology of “Na-TECC” (thermo-electro-chemical converter) uses the heat of the sun’s rays to produce technology. The heat drives a chemical reaction which results in a positive electrical charge.

This method of producing electricity produces less heat leakage. The Na-TECC method can also be used to make new electricity without using turbines or boiling water, making is a more affordable manner of producing electricity.

Upgrades to the electric grid

The electricity grid speaks of all the connections and weaving it takes to provide electricity for millions of people. The technology behind the management of the electricity grid enables professionals to control and service electricity outputs in a large area with little delay.

Recycling radio waves for power

New technology has increased the ability to recycle and harvest radio waves. The technology has been public for only a few years, and the implications of harvesting energy from tv channels, Wi-Fi, cell networks, and handheld devices are exciting.

The newest developments in this particular area include intelligent systems that are capable of probing various environments to find the best source of energy. Radio wave collection technology also allows for the collection of different forms of energy like kinetic, solar, or electromagnetic.


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