Dos & Don’ts in Bulk SMS Services or Bulk SMS Marketing

Now a day’s most of the corporate companies are using BULK SMS Services to promote their product/service because everyone is using the mobile phones other than any other communication tool. While promoting ensure that the messages you send to your clients are precise and simple. Customized messaging option will be provided to send the messages to your client with contact information about the recipient.

Dos on Bulk SMS Marketing:

  • Bulk SMS Marketing – The content we are sending should be compatible with the device & match with the requirement of the client so the right people will receive the right SMS for business.
  • The message content should be very short, and then only everyone will read the complete message.
  • Give the option to get feedback from customer, so they will feel that you are valuing their words also.
  • While sending any kind of offer, you can include the Coupon Code/Voucher number for that offer; it will increase the value of your message.


Don’ts on Bulk SMS Marketing:

  • Bulk SMS Marketing – Don’t send messages at inappropriate hours, no one likes to receive messages in that time.
  • Don’t exclude the opt-out option in your message because the customer has the rights to decline your messaging service.
  • Avoid long messages that take time to scroll hence can get boring. Therefore, if you want your clients to read the messages to the end, keep them short.
  • Don’t send irrelevant messages

Our Bulk SMS Service can do wonder for your business if you utilize it correctly. Remember to think your message content before clicking the “send button”.

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