Are You Aware Of The Importance Employee Recognition?

By employee recognition we mean the formal or the informal acknowledgement of an individual or team’s behavior towards an organisation. The outcome was as such that it supported the goals of the organisation, and the result was beyond anticipation.

To be achievers, employees need to understand what their work profile is, and must work in a healthy way. A company needs to also understand that they should understand the psychology of honouring and extolling their employees from time to time. Hence, applying the criteria of employee recognition will work as an encouragement. Your employees will also work productively and try achieving goals which would be productive for the organisation. Appreciation is something that’s vital for human need. Employees feel motivated when they get recognition due to their work. This is also a sign to express that their share of work is being valued by the company. When the employee and the work that they do are appreciated, the productivity level alleviates. With this kind of motivation, employees feel the need to work better and provide improved work from their end.

The benefits of employee recognition have been listed below:


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Productivity level of an individual is boosted

With the act of recognizing desired behavior there would be the urge for repetition of the desired behavior. All of this will breed nothing, but more and more productivity for the organisation. This tends to be a commonly found behavioral psychology. The behavior that has been reinforced works towards reaching the mission of the company. This is also an indicator of key performance.

Employees feel satisfied

This will also encourage the employee to spend more time towards work. Not only this the focus on work will increase and they will spend little time complaining about things around. This will grant the employee with enjoyment of work.

Moreover, for the individual or the team, the team gets to enjoy positive and direct feedback. This turns out being a great motivation. Eventually, this would lead to an organisation attaining positive feedback and scores from their customers too. The teamwork between the employees gets fortified and enhanced.

The employees in a team also feel connected. This way you gain loyalty from customers. With this, you will be able to retain quality employees. Lesser accidents in the workplace will take place. Also, you would start to witness improved safety records. The level of negative effects will get drastically reduced such as stress and absenteeism.

There would be noticeable chances in the level of profitability too. When it comes to gauging the direct impression or impact of profitability, it tends to get a little difficult. But through several studies we have been able to understand that bottom line benefits do get accomplished through recognition schemes. An employee recognition scheme was started by The Walt Disney World Resort. It was noticed that there was a boost of 15 per cent in the level of staff fulfillment and contentment due to their every day recognition program by their current administrators.

In the very same way, Sears, Roebuck & Co. also did notice that there was an improvement of 5 per cent in the attitude of their employees after starting such a recognition program. With this there was about three per cent elevation in the area of customer satisfaction with an increase in revenue of 0.5 per cent.

Recognition given to employees does work wonders for the organisation and for the employee too. It tends to be quite an effective move as the employee too feels appreciated.


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