A Simple Guide For A Successful Blog

Successful blogs mostly means lots of traffic and maybe earning a well. I don”t think there is any secret unless you want to go illegal with black hat hacks to get more traffic and make your blog the “successful” one. Here I have listed some of the basic steps that are the key factor for a successful blog that you probably know already.

Good Content

This is always the top section for any blogging tips article and that is for a good reason. Even if you get all the traffic and your content has no value or been copy pasted you will have a bad blogging life. So before anything make sure whatever you write has a reasonable value to it.


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Good Traffic

There are so many “secrets” out there for getting more traffic but what you actually should be worrying about is your targetted traffic and build a good reputation around it. Become well known with with your name and avatar in that niche by not sharing but participating to get traffic. Some of the well known practices are guest blogging, commenting, and social site blogger community.

Write More

Write more blog posts and make them useful and high quality. This is the only how your blog grows and increases traffic. The “you don”t say” math behind this is that the more article you have the more search you win and share to get more traffic as well as keeping your old followers updated.

Page Rank

you probably have read about many tricks to get better page rank and became confused when other posts says “you shouldn”t be worrying about page rank- just write good contents” Well that is absolutely right but for new bloggers only. Once you got all your blogging tools set up, you should now do some work to build good page rank. Even if you have tons of blog posts and you are in the tenth page of google, there won”t be much traffic that you will get from google. Simple ways to get good page rank is by writing guest posts on other high rank blogs, make your external links dofollow and link to your old posts with the new ones.

These are the overall look behind success of any blogs. Just make sure you follow all this while trying to improve your blog. It”s the simplest blueprint for your blogging success. Take your time and follow the steps slowly with ll the detailed article you can find on Google for each. Leave your thoughts and ideas on the comment section below. Happy blogging :)

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