How to automate business promotion via emails: Drip Campaigns Review


Marketing my online business was a hectic task for me. For quite a long time, I’ve been looking for an email marketing platform. Once I came across This platform has attracted me immediately: nice pricing, attractive service, and freemium. Since then I have signed up for free on the website and tried out all their products and services. A month later, I have upgraded my plan to the paid one and I am happy to see my online business grow at such a high speed.

There are so many things I appreciate for! But the best thing that I love is that it gives complete control over the lead generation process. It comes loaded with tools that are a must-have for online marketing and the entire bundle comes in a single application. That is a really wonderful deal. On top of it, it allows to explore the features and tools completely for free and once you start generating revenue and money out of it then you can invest by upgrading on this platform. How amazing is that? features and advantages:

  • All email marketing tools under one roof. It has 4 main tools for reaching prospects: email finder, email verifier, drip campaigns, and email tracker. Thanks to them, one can successfully get into the recipients” inboxes and reach success.
  • With Email Finder, you can enlarge the lists of prospects within a few minutes. This tool searches for open email addresses on any webpage, from search engine to the professional social network. This feature is available as a Chrome extension.
  • You can verify the emails that you get for marketing. You can either check the emails found with Email Finder or upload your own list of prospects.
  • You can reach prospects automatically with Drip Campaigns feature. You will spend about half an hour on creating a campaign with triggers, and the emails will be sent to the recipients automatically depending on their actions. You can also get the full statistics of the campaign.
  • You are able to track emails sent with Gmail and G Suite. The browser extension integrates with all of your accounts. It shows details on the sent emails.
  • Thanks to Technology Checker, anyone can learn which technologies and marketing solutions are used by their competitors and clients.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface even for a newbie who has no knowledge of technology.
  • The product is innovated by a great professional team and the platform keeps on growing adding new features regularly.
  • The customer care team is always ready to support whenever you are in need.
  • It is highly affordable as compared to other paid marketing platforms. You can start out by registering for free and then choose paid plans according to your convenience.
  • They have an amazing blog section where you can get insights about using their tools and lot more tips and information about marketing your website effectively. Every week they publish interviews with CEOs of SaaS platforms where one can find valuable pieces of advice.

Automate email marketing with Drip Campaigns

As far as you can see, the platform offers multiple tools which cope with their work well. But in this article, I’m going to concentrate on the one which helps you improve emails marketing, promote the product, and boost sales. This is Drip Campaigns. This is an easy-to-use tool that helps its users automate email sending. To send a successful email marketing campaign, you need to pass 4 steps and one extra one.

Step 1. Create an account

If you still doubt whether the service is worth money or not, try their freemium. You are offered 100 credits that are enough to see how it works. You can Sign Up with Google.

Step 2. Create ready-to-send email list

Use Email Finder and Email Verifier. These two tools will find the email addresses on any webpage and verify them on-the-go. You can also add extensions to the browser to shorten the search and verification time. Moreover, if you already have an email list, you can upload it, verify and use it for your campaign.

Step 3. Create a drip campaign

The most exciting thing about drip campaigns. It is represented as a drag-and-drop email campaign builder. First of all, choose the email you are going to send from and give the name to the campaign. Then, choose one of two options: send emails to the first email or all emails (in the case the recipient has got a few email addresses, he or she will receive the email either to all addresses or the first one only), and to whom not to send emails: unverified emails or catch-all emails.

Step 4. Build an email sequence with triggers and delays

Within Drip Campaigns, you can add triggers and delays. These features will let you automatically send emails to the recipient every time they perform a definite action you’ve set (either open the email or click the link inside it and within a definite time) and postpone the email sending, so they won”t get the emails from you every second.

You can create emails right in the campaign builder. You can send plain-text emails which show much higher open rate in comparison with picture-based ones. Additionally, the emails can be personalized as much as you wish. By default, there are two custom attributes, first and last name. But if you have other ones on the list, you can use them as well.

Step 5. Learn statistics

When the campaign is completed, you can see detailed statistics: how many emails were sent, how many of them were opened, how many times the links were clicked, and how many replies you’ve received. Take advantage of this feature to learn how well this or that message performs.


There is a lot more about this platform features, and every of them deserves a separate article. I’ve benefited from so much, that I cannot think of marketing my online business using any other platform right now.

I’m really thankful to the entire team for the platform that has helped my business to grow. It has also helped other dozens of businesses across the globe. So if you want to take advantage of this marketing tool, then just sign up on and give a boost to your business just like I did.  As they say, they are really passionate about their clients” success.


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