How to transfer Data from Samsung smartphone to BlackBerry mobile phone

For many of us, our phones are far more essential than any devices we own – not only does it shop our individual data, but data that is used for function as well. As we develop more connected to our phones, it is usual to update to better ones. However, many of us usually keep to the same kind of phones. Why prevent changing our Samsung smartphone to, for example, a BlackBerry?

It is not because a Samsung smartphone is excellent, but we always worry that, there will be problems when shifting data between the two phones. This worry is real and not extremely dramatized – here are several of typical problems about shifting data from Samsung smartphone to BlackBerry mobile phone:

As Samsung and BlackBerry run different operating system, there is chance that data could get missing during the transferring process; and Due to the different systems, shifting data from one cellphone to the other will eat more efforts and will include a more boring procedure.

How to Exchange Data from Samsung smartphone to BlackBerry mobile phone

Many software and software out there have been assisting people out there to transfer data from Samsung smartphone to BlackBerry mobile phone of recover deleted text messages iPhone. If you are not willing to pay something to help you out, you can try one of these options:

This is the most convenient way to transfer data from Samsung smartphone to BlackBerry mobile phone, or iPhone.

Step 1. Using a USB cable, link both devices to your PC or Mac.

Step 2. Start your windows Explorer on PC or.

Step 3. Start your Samsung and BlackBerry folders. Select the data files to transfer from Samsung device folder. You can drag & drop data files to the BlackBerry device folder.

The use of Wondershare mobile Trans 1 click transfer tool

For a more fuss-free, protected and risk-free strategy to actually transfer your photos, text contacts, call logs messages, , apps, calendar items, and media files, we would like to point out using Wondershare MobileTrans. What we like most about this software is that it goes everything from your all system, e.g. when shifting your connections, it will not only transfer headings and figures, but also as well as contact data, company headings, job headings etc.

Find out what makes this software great:

It facilitates more than 3,000 system models and works with most providers;

If you are looking to provide or offer your Samsung, the software is able to clean out all your individual data from your Samsung, securely and permanently;

Capable of working with your unique phones back-up software, e.g. MobileGo, BlackBerry Desktop Suite, and Samsung kies, also some cloud solutions e.g. DropBox. iCloud, and Google Drive. It can back-up your data before getting your new cellphone – so, if you have not bought your new BlackBerry, you can back-up your Samsung first and recover it in your new cellphone later.

When you evaluate between devices operating across the different operating system, BlackBerry seems to have the least collection of devices to select from. Despite its restricted variety, BlackBerry has everyone protected. Here are some of the more well known BlackBerry devices in the USA.

How to transfer data from PC to iPhone all latest models with iTunes


iTunes is one of the most awesome and must-have applications for iOS gadgets. You can use iTunes for the objective of the change in files from PC to iPhone. The steps for the change in files from PC to iPhone with the use of iTunes follow the steps below:

  • Connect your iPhone, to your computer pick device to be used.
  • Then just click Apps.
  • Now just look below Computer file Discussing, choose an app from the list and then just click Add
  • In the window that will appear in front of you, decide what data you want to transfer, and then just click the button Open, now you are able to transfer your data, in final step then just click Synchronize on iTunes

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