4 Ways Your iPhone Can Make Your Life Easier

Once upon a time, a cell phone was just for making calls and texting on the go in the event that you weren’t at home to be reached on your house phone.  Nowadays the house phone is nearly obsolete and your phone is not only just a phone now, but an iPhone.

An iPhone doesn’t just make calls and send texts but can be used for a wide variety of tools with technology getting more and more advanced all of the time.  When it comes to making your life easier look no further than your phone. Your phone is one amazing piece of technology can make your life so much more convenient in a variety of ways.  Here are some of the things your iPhone does that has changed life as we know it.


Once upon a time being able to talk to a computer to do something for you was only in the movies or on television shows like Star Trek.  Now you can use voice command to do anything from asking your phone to send a text message to find a nearby rehab.

The best part about Siri is that you don’t even have to purchase it.  It comes equipped with your phone.  With just the sound of your voice, an entire string of commands are waiting at your fingertips.  Make sure that you speak clearly, however, or you could have some pretty hilarious results.


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Texting Dictation

When you want to be able to text but you are on the road or doing something with your hands using text dictation is extremely helpful.  It is a fast way to be able to get your message across without having to stop what you are doing or potentially put other drivers on the road in danger.

Try it for yourself and you will see that it cuts messaging time in half.  Of course, you can’t do things like send emoji’s but that will probably happen with time!

Free iMessaging and FaceTime

Gone are the days of having to pay extra if you wanted to talk to your friends who were across the world.  Once upon a time you even had to pay long distance to call out of state!   Now you can message anywhere in the world as long as they have an iPhone.

It doesn’t just stop there.  You can also have free audio calls and video calls through FaceTime.  This technology has made it possible to feel close to your loved ones all over the world for no cost at all.

High-Quality Photos

You used to have to carry around your phone and your camera.  Now with such a high quality built in camera that comes equipped with the iPhone, you can carry much less in your bag and still get extremely high-quality photos and video.


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