JEE Main 2016 Last Week Preparation Strategies to be Implemented to Score Well

Only few days are left for JEE Main Entrance exam 2016. This exam will be conducted on April3, 2016 in over 16 states of India. Only few days are left to give a revision to all things that you have studied for the exam. Make sure that you go through quick revision sessions and workout on memorizing things longer. This will help you in marking the correct answers for the questions in the examination. After giving the exam, find out JEE Main 2016 answer key to check out how many questions have been answered correctly by you.

Last Week Preparation Strategies for JEE Main Examination

Here, we have shared the best last week preparation tactics for JEE examination. We assure you that you will definitely score well if you follow these last week preparation tactics heartedly. Most of your answers will match to the answers in JEE Main answer key 2016 if you follow these last week preparation tactics. 12 lakh applicants will be giving the JEE examination on 3rd April in CBT (Computer based Test) mode and on 9th April in P&P (Pen & Paper) mode.


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Solve Previous Years Question Banks & Papers

You must have completed most of the syllabus of JEE Examination by this time. Few of you must have solved the previous year question papers. The candidates who have not solved the previous question papers must try solving the previous year papers. This will tell you about the difficulty level and also about your speed.

Solving the papers will ensure that you learn time management and distribution of sections. After solving every paper, you must check out JEE Main answer key for the corresponding practice test. Also find out how many questions have been attempted wrongly and how many are left untouched. After this you can check out the solutions for those questions.

Strengthen Key Concepts

Most of you who are really serious about this examination know which concepts are important and how to prepare for them. Check out the major concepts that are really important from exam point of view and try to strengthen them by practicing. Once you have practiced and revised all the concepts, start solving the questions again based on those concepts.

Take previous year questions papers or books having those sorts of questions and solve them. Ensure that you carry JEE Main answer keys for different papers or books you are solving so that each question is checked properly. Make sure that you do not solve the papers one or two days before the examination. This will only lead to stress and extra burden during the examination. Try strengthening the concepts by revision.

Never Start a New Topic

Starting a new topic in the last week of this JEE examination can be awful for most of you. This may disturb your revision schedule as well as your mind. There is no point of getting into new concept just before the examination. Many of you feel that instead of taking short break from studies, you should start a new topic. But you should avoid it if you don’t want your JEE exam to get spoiled. It is better to take short breaks to avoid stress during the studies.

Finalizing Test Taking Strategy

You need to cleverly finalize the strategy with which you will be giving the exam. Make sure that this strategy remains finals and don’t change while giving the examination. You need to focus on different valuable points before creating a strategy to take the examination.

  • The section you will start with
  • Time allotment to each section
  • Time allotment of each question
  • Time allotment for revision
  • Selecting the questions for backup

Consider these points before creating a good strategy for taking up the JEE Main examination and solving the question paper. This will ensure that minimal time is wasted on trying extra ordinary things. Also, if you are working on a good strategy, there are more chances that you match up with the correct answers on JEE Main Answer Key Teacher’s Copy.

Final Say

Follow all these tips efficiently in order to stay away from stress during the last week of JEE 2016 examination. The 2016 JEE Main Answer Key will be made available few days after the examination and you can then check out how many of your questions are attempted correctly


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