The Road To Networking

The Internet has given rise to a variety of social networking platforms, where people can connect with other people who share similar interests. Even in the business world, the need to reach across the web and connect with others is critical to developing a network that supports how modern businesses operate and thrive. Today it is common for companies to serve as facilitators who make business to business collaborations possible, such as in the case of a company like  Adesso Solutions. Whether you are a person or a business, the Internet, as well as Internet ready devices, has made it extremely easy for people to make what ever type of digitally driven social or business networking that they want to do happen.

Online Social Networking In Its Infancy

Years ago, before the Internet explosion, online social networking and business to business networking was considerably slower and less transparent than it is today. Not only were people using old technology, such as low speed modems, and much slower computer processors, but the sheer volume of digital networking processes were far less than they are today. Before the Internet became a household name, people were subjected to the use of more private networks and less sophisticated online bulletin boards.


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The Internet Goes Public

By the 1990″s, the computer and information revolution was undergoing a huge change. Companies were making it possible for people everywhere to connect on the information superhighway, as the Internet took the world by storm. Early on, the Internet took advantage of the public switch telephone network to connect users with local Internet service providers. The use of computers to social network went from being an exclusive practice among relatively few individuals who knew how to program and operate computers to being widely accessible to people who were, by comparison, quite computer illiterate. The use of graphical user interfaces, web pages, and other tools made networking far easier for non-tech savvy individuals and business owners to participate in online networking activities.

The Mobile Device Revolution

Once the Internet had come of age, the next step was to untie users from their desks and make their online networking experience completely mobile. Companies began making cell phones, tablets, and even hybrid phablet devices, all of which placed the power of the Internet in the palm of a person”s hand. With the mobile revolution, and the use of downloadable apps, the ability to stay connected with one”s social and business based networks became even more easy and transparent. Even at meetings and major events, the need to use physical badges to identify and make contacts has been replaced by mobile app tools. Today people travel with access to their various online networks on their person at all times, ever awaiting the next advancement in technology that will further liberate and improve how networking is carried out between people and businesses. With the Interweb on the horizon, commonly referred to as the Internet Of Everything, perhaps the world will soon experience the next technology driven social networking revolution.

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