Saving Through Technology: Tips and Tricks For Using Phones to Your Advantage

The world of today is a very forward thinking society. Of course, that’s the way the world has to be, for if it doesn”t operate like this, there would be no evolution- no strides into the future, no “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Of course the human race has really done a number on the earth and the damage is being seen in huge quantities, but as humans recognize the effect they’ve had on the earth, it becomes a more pressing concern to heal the earth, especially through the use of new technologies. Technology is amazing in the way that it redefines the future. It redefines what the definition of possible is. If you’re looking for ways to use technology to save, here are ways you can do that in different capacities:

Text to Stay Informed

The world has been through it’s fair share of communication technologies. It started with face to face communication through language, to writing, to fire signals, to birds carrying messages, to pony express, to Morse Code, to telephone, to email, to calling, to text messaging. There have obviously been many more methods of communication throughout the years. Modes of communication evolve with the times.


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Since the world is a highly mobile world, everybody uses their phones and other technological devices to stay informed and make a difference in the world. If you’re looking to save through technology, one way to do that in the financial sense, but it can apply in any way desired, is to text companies using SMS messaging to stay informed about everything they’re doing.

SMS text messaging allows companies to send you alerts that will either give you promotions, coupons and deals, or they can alert you about things that are going on within the company. Maybe there is a political activation entity you follow and you want to stay informed on when they’re holding rallies. If you sign up for their SMS text alerts, you could be at a rally aimed at saving the world from the horrors of the next presidential candidate 10 minutes after your received the text.

Use Apps to Control Your Health

Phones and other technologies are really great at saving people in different capacities. You now know how to save in the financial sense, as well as the political sense. It’s time to figure out how you can save yourself using your technology. Not only do phones allow you to text when you’re in trouble and are unable to call, the apps on smartphones allow you to have help with almost anything health related.

Need a reminder to take your meds? There’s definitely an app for that. Need to predict if you’re on track for a stroke or heart attack, there’s an app for that, too. No matter your health concern, technology makes it possible for you to get help at the touch of a button. Technology saves so you don’t have to.


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