The Rise Of Remote Workers: Technology’s Substitution For The Office

Not that long ago, landing a remote (telecommuting) job was a goal for the rich people.  Who could even afford all the tech gadgets needed to complete the job?  There were also only a few ways to communicate remotely.  Over the past five years, the remote position has taken the virtual workforce by storm.

Business owners have finally figured out that it is much more cost effective to pick up professionals who can work from their own devices.  It saves the company tons of money to employ freelancers or telecommuters in general.  Take a moment to read over a few of the best paying remote opportunities available this year.


InVision is one of the front runners in the remote world of employment, as they lead the industry in product design and creativity.  They will be around for quite some time, so job security is present with this opportunity.

Follow them on Twitter, or check the job listings made available to users.  The ecourses and other resources provided by the InVision team are invaluable to the future of professional education.


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Buffer is a company well-known in the world of remote workers as having a fully distributed workforce, but they are also an excellent resource for learning the best practices of remote employment.

Their blog is a treat for the mind of the tech savvy professional.  Their current opened positions range from engineering posts to customer service and digital marketing.


Visiting the FlexJobs website is like hitting the lottery of remote positions.  The platform offers so many different remote work opportunities, that a person might want to pack their lunch before they embark upon the journey of searching through their extensive job listings.

FlexJobs is also great because it does not focus all its efforts around engineering and tech jobs.  They offer placements in over 50 different categories, so do not hesitate to take a look.


Wirecutter is the authority on tech blogs.  They will not write something if it is not worth the time of the readers, writers, and site designers.  All of their employees are extremely knowledgeable and go through a pretty harsh ability screening to get on with the company, so it is a good idea to be prepared.

Wirecutter has a 100 percent remote workforce.  Applicants should be well-versed in a plethora of communication tools.  Video calls, IMs, team chat, and conference calls should be second nature to a qualified applicant.

Wikimedia Foundation

The Wikimedia Foundation, delightfully so, hires remotely.  The information-driven foundation is focused upon collecting the truth.  They offer a wide variety of positions as well. Check out their job listings here.


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