Technology Makes Our Lives Fully Mobile – Is That a Good Thing?

Technology brings new ideas to life, which can completely transform the way a business or individual performs their job. Smartphones, tablets, and other devices allow for remote access to anything and everything an individual or company needs to maintain productivity. Is the access to so much technology increasing employees” ability to work efficiently from anywhere they choose, or is it causing people to have problems communicating with each other?

Improving Efficiency

How has technology improved businesses” ability to boost productivity? Employees can use their mobile technology to work remotely when they are on vacation or away from the office. That might sound obvious, but it”s a huge boon to employees who want a bit of flexibility in their schedules. Employees who need to go to meetings with clients can turn to their smartphones to provide charts and other data that might be valuable to have on hand during the meeting.

Technology gives employees instant access to all the information they need at the touch of their fingertips. The 2012 Presidential campaign used mobile technology to improve the way the voters were able to receive information, as both parties created apps in order to help voters quickly register and send information about their precinct. The app used by the Obama campaign helped users make donations, linked with social media, provided Google maps showing registered democratic voters and polling places, and provided scripts to use when approaching voters. The system made it easier for campaign workers to focus on helping to spread the word about the election and the importance of casting a vote.

Having a mobile device such as a tablet with access to Microsoft Word and other essential software can allow a person to work around their complex schedule. Many people find the ideal times to work do not correspond with traditional 9-to-5 workdays. People use their smartphones on trains as they go to work, when flying for business, and in the evening to finish up emails and other tasks. Mobile access has helped employees to be more efficient at their jobs through constant connection to company documents and client information.


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Increasing Communication

Are mobile devices changing the way employees work? Employees have access to their employers when they need them, no matter what time of day it is. Mobile devices allow them to call on the phone, Skype, instant message and edit documents from any location. The ability to stay in constant contact with colleagues in the office helps remote employees stay on task and on the same page, improving communication and boosting productivity. The ability to stay in contact with the office is also a huge asset for parents trying to balance work with a busy home life. If their little one is sick and has to stay home from school, the ability to work from home is invaluable.

Smarter Shopping

The improvements to life brought about by mobile technology aren”t limited to the office. The development of new apps has helped people save money by comparing prices on their smartphone. Customers can compare prices from stores in their area, and can purchase them directly through their smartphone if they find a better price.

Capturing Memories

While some people might argue that spending so much time using devices instead of interacting in person leads to communication issues, mobile technology is actually a force for good. Families have been able to capture and share priceless memories with distant relatives and friends using their smartphones. Technology makes a person”s life fully mobile and more efficient, which can only improve the way people interact with one another.

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