Using a Script to Edit Scenes with the Movavi Video Editor

All professional video productions start with a good script – and for good reason. The script is what tells the video producer what scenes need to be recorded, how they need to be arranged, and also provide details of each scene so that people know what the scene’s contents will be in terms of imagery as well as audio.

By having a script right from the start, you’ll find that when it is time to edit scenes with the Movavi Video Editor, your job is a lot easier. In fact, you will be able to have a very efficient workflow that will be something like this:


  1. Go over each scene and trim out the unwanted or unnecessary footage.
  2. Check each scene to ensure that the recording isn’t pixelated, interlaced, or shaky. If it is, try to correct it using the tools available, or if not maybe re-record the scene in question.
  3. Adjust the brightness, contrast, and color of the scenes so that it looks the way that you want it to.
  4. Add any filters, titles, or special effects that are needed. If these were part of the script – great, otherwise you may need to experiment.
  5. Insert the audio track – including any background music, voiceovers, and so on.
  6. Go over the final video before saving it.

See how easy it is? The best part is that with a simple video editor that is feature rich such as the Movavi Video Editor you already have all the tools that you need to get the job done and the script will then give you the structure that you need to ensure that your video ends up looking great. Because the software is so intuitive, you should have no issues carrying out the edits that need to be done and really polishing your video footage to the point where it stands out.

Make no mistake, despite the fact that your script should act as the foundation for your video – if you feel the need to change or adapt it as you go along, do so. No script is set in stone and it can certainly be altered if there’s a good enough reason. That being said, when you do choose to alter your script be sure that you carefully weigh the impact that it is going to have on your video.


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