Top 3 Reasons To Upgrade To VPS Hosting

Most of the people do not understand the potential benefits of VPS hosting, while there is huge difference between VPS and Shared hosting, but people find them same. Shared hosting is undoubtedly one of the most used hosting in world, but it do comes with lot of limitations and is not good for serious businesses, why i am saying serious business is because – if you are looking forward to get sales lead from site, you should carefully choose your hosting partner, while there are dozens of reasons why you should upgrade your hosting to VPS from shared, we will focus on top 3 reasons in this edition of post. Let us see each one of them.


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Office Emails

Most of the businesses have multiple email accounts accessed from same IP address viz same location. You would amazed to know that, With shared hosting the number of POP and IMAP Connections (used for emails) is limited to 30 users per hour from single IP. That means if your users exceeds more than 30 forget about email delivery from your domain hosted in shared environment, while this limitation is extended to unlimited with VPS hosting, it is because with VPS hosting the server resources are not shared and are limited to you only.

Mass emailing

Every business today need to send newsletter or regular signup mails to users, moreover mass emailing is very good medium to attract new and old customers. You might want to advertise you latest offering to large number of email contact list you have, but remember with shared hosting, your massing emailing squeezes to 500 emails per hour, while this is not the case with VPS hosting. So you should upgrade to VPS hosting, if you want to use mass emailing.

Custom Installations

You really cannot play with hardware and software installations on shared hosting, but this could be easily achieved in VPS hosting, you get the root access to server and you are free to play around with installations.

These are the top 3 reasons, why people should upgrade to VPS hosting, if they are really serious about online business.

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