4 Types Of Technology That Will Make You More Money

Whether you are a business owner or just looking for ways to put some more money in your pocket in general, there are lots of ideas out there. In this day and age, technology is everywhere and can be helpful in all sorts of ways. It can help make your life easier by saving you time, hassle, and money, and also help you to communicate better and stay connected with loved ones. But did you know that some types of tech can actually make you money? If not, read on. Here are 4 such types of tech.


If you want to start bringing in passive income that requires very little work on your end, add an ATM to your business. The initial costs of set up will be earned back extremely quickly due to ATM fees, and if you are located in a high traffic area and advertise the fact that you have an ATM, there is almost a guarantee that people will frequent it, thus making you money.

Look into it if you have a small corner of space available, especially if you don’t know of many other nearby businesses that have ATMs. It could end up being a huge money maker for you.

Your Smart Phone

This one may sound silly, but it’s true! The smartphone that you likely have in your hand or pocket right this minute can actually help make you money. Sending work emails from your phone may technically bring in income, but there are other ways too!


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Playing games like solitaire and other paid phone games as well as apps meant to help you find coupons or cut back on bills also save you money. You can also use your phone to open a savings account or to invest in cryptocurrency! There are so many possibilities that don’t even require you investing in a new piece of tech.


Cameras, camcorders, and even security cameras can help to make you money because you may be able to sell the photos or video footage you take, or it could go viral on the internet! You never know these days, so it’s smart to have a camera rolling all the time because a simple photo or video could bring in some big bucks.


It may seem a little strange, but live-streaming is all the rage now, especially among teens and twenty somethings. If you have a unique skill, angle, or voice, you would be surprised how many  people will watch your live videos. Check out Twitch and other similar sites to see if it might be for you and before you know it you could be rolling in cash.

Technology is here to stay and it is present in so many areas of  your life already, why not use it to make yourself more money and improve your life? Hopefully these tips will help you try something new.

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