5 Must-Have Apps For Small Business Owners

Anything that a business owner can do to save money can be useful, especially when a person owns a small business. Every cent matters to a lot of small business owners, and saving time means saving money. Fortunately, business owners have plenty of apps available to help them organize their time, finances, and other resources. Some apps could even be described as invaluable, which is one reason that a small business owner might consider them to be must-haves.


Evernote is the leading app for syncing notes across mobile and desktop devices, according to NerdWallet staff writer Tony Armstrong. Whether an individual is starting a business or has owned one for several years, taking notes and organizing details seem to be ongoing processes. Evernote enables a person to keep a wealth of details in one convenient place, and it offers an impressive variety of options. The Work Chat feature enables business partners and associates to communicate quickly and easily. Evernote Business is an inexpensive option that many business owners choose to utilize.


Dropbox is an excellent tool for small business owners. All of the files related to a business can be safely stored via the Dropbox app. Clients can be sure that their information is secure when a business stores their files with an app such as Dropbox. The platform is kept as simple as possible, so employees don”t need to spend endless hours learning how to implement it. A work team can access the app on many types of devices, making Dropbox a viable tool for telecommuters.


Without the right kind of cash flow, a business can quickly fail. This is why business owners must sometimes explore unconventional methods in order to survive. A business owner who doesn”t qualify for a small business loan from a big financial lender might secure much-needed funds in a different way. One possibility may be to apply for a small business grant. Another option could be applying online for a business loan from a smaller financial lender, and according to Imperial Advance, an industry expert, merchant loans are often a quicker method of obtaining a loan since many banks have increased rules for borrowing.

Numerous businesses have also replaced traditional accounting practices with more modern methods, such as using the inDinero application. As Forbes contributor Ilya Pozin states, this innovative app provides an easy way to keep track of business cash flow and manage day-to-day finances. Instead of employing several different professionals to do a variety of financial tasks, a business owner can use inDinero to organize such details as taxes, payroll, and bookkeeping.


Hootsuite can help a business owner to organize social media accounts and related details. This is an app that could conceivably eliminate the need to hire a social media manager. Businesses can use the app to conveniently connect to over 35 social networks. It also offers monitoring of conversations on social media sites, so a business owner can remain aware of consumer comments and even identify potential sales leads.


A video conferencing application may be one of the most important tools that a modern business has available. The ability to hold a business meeting in the middle of the night with an associate across the world is priceless. Skype also enables a business owner to communicate efficiently with employees who telecommute or are attending to clients in another geographical area.

Business owners have numerous tools available to them, including handy apps that can be used on multiple kinds of devices. Apps offer convenience and affordability to entrepreneurs of all types.

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