Web Design and Technology: Partners In Crime

Because web design is, in fact, a representation of technology itself, it goes without saying that those two are going to be partners in crime when it comes to getting your own projects up and running. From the earliest attempts at graphic interfacing to the latest incredible iterations of mobile technology, one great way to showcase that you a) know what you are doing and b) care what your users think is to have a great marriage of the two. To achieve that end result, consider finding 3rd party help, subscribing to information sources and resources, and always looking out for upcoming trends.

Find 3rd Party Help   

The easiest way to get complete up-to-date with your web design and its functional equivalence to technology is by hiring 3rd party web design help. There are a million options to choose from out there, and lots of these people are fantastic at what they do. Your job is to figure out which people have the exact skills you are looking for, and then find out which ones are the most cost effective, and also, it’s important, especially if you’re going to be working with them much, that you find people whose personalities are a fit with yours. The first time you hire a designer that you don’t get along with will probably be your last, as you will see what a train wreck that situation can be.


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Subscribe To Information Sources and Resources

There are a number of great resources out there in terms of web design and technology that you can subscribe to. This is often more cost effective than going to college for a few years, and you can cherry pick the best information, the information that is most related to what you need, or the most updated information, and then learn it all at your own pace. A popular example in the technology field is Lynda.com, which thousands of people swear by. The information is extremely well presented, and you can learn a lot for a very reasonable amount of money.

Be On the Lookout for Upcoming Trends    

When attempting to have a good reputation when it comes to either web design or technology, it’s important that you keep an eye and ear out for upcoming trends. Now these trends can be from major companies, or they can be from upstart companies or individuals. By subscribing to web design news sources, you’ll typically have more of an opportunity to scan through both old and new avenues than if you went hunting for them on your own. The point is to maximize your time and value, and if it means standing on the shoulders of other people who are also doing the best they can, then you’ll begin to understand how web design communities form.

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