The Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing a Young Company Today

A young company needs time to prosper and build its brand awareness. The best way to do that is through conscientious marketing and advertising. Of course, there are some rules that businesses need to adhere and follow if they want to be the most successful. The following will help guide those who are new to the scene on what to do when marketing a young start-up company.

Do Attend Networking Functions

One of the best things a company can do to get more brand notoriety is at industry specific events that bring together the best in the business. Networking is must if the business owner wants to pick up mentors or partnerships. Plus, the right connection can also lead to bigger sales and customer base. Any company that visits a conference also has access to hundreds of new people on a daily basis. The new potential clients lists grow with each email gathered and pitch heard. However, the business needs to attract them at the event with the right presentation and display. An initial investment in the promotional materials of a company will prove worthwhile in the end.


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Do Steer Clear of Bought Followers

If you want a more specific example, then check out any of your favorite brands and competition on social media. They probably have thousands if not millions of people following the brand on each social media account. Next, look at the accounts of lesser known brands that might not have the same following. You might be surprised to notice that they still have a large volume of likes or followers despite lacking actual numbers to back up their social media popularity.

The truth is that many brands and bloggers buy likes, re-tweets, and more to increase their brand”s awareness. This is a problem of epidemic sized proportions. People and companies should be aiming to get the best following possible with their own unique and original content. Buying followers falsifies the brand and its image in the eyes of a advertiser.

Don”t Forget to Practice a Pitch

As stated earlier, a a sales pitch has the ability to attract a new client or customer. However, one must practice if it is going to be effective, and it gives you an idea of what to expect during the real event. The more you practice a pitch than the better you will do during the actual presentation in front important investors or clients.

Do Involve Clients in the Business

One of the best ways to get people interested in a company is with their direct involvement. If they are part of a core group that the company has sought out, then they might be more than willing to give feedback for special discounts or promotions. The key is to find a target demographic and ask them for advice on company offers and advertising. Hearing directly from the customer can help a company tailor its approach for better or worse depending on the feedback.

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