What’s the Difference Between MX1, MX2, & MX3?

MX1, MX2, and MX3 are three classes or divisions in the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) Motocross World Championship. The difference between the three is the type of engine the bike has. As the FIM was created in 1904 to oversee motorcycle racing, the racing classes have greatly evolved and expanded over the years to accommodate new racing technology.


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Take Care of that Engine

No matter which class you race in, you need to baby your bike. Use a reputable supplier for your motocross parts and always take it to a mechanic if you don”t trust yourself to get it right. Dirt bike OEM parts are always a good choice whenever it”s time to make repairs.


In 2014 the name of this class was changed to MXGP. The engines permitted in this class range from 250cc two-stroke to 450cc four-strokes. These are known as the “big bikes.” The MXGP class is open to riders of any age, no restrictions.


The bikes in this class have smaller engines than the bikes of MXGP, but bikers love them because they are nimble and maneuverable. They are often called the “lite bikes.” The engines in this group range from 125cc two-strokes to 250cc four-strokes. This class has an age restriction and is limited to riders under the age of 23.


This class has the long-distance endurance bikes. When you think of desert races that cover hundreds of miles, you”re thinking of these bikes. In this class engines run from 500 two strokes to 650 four-strokes.

A Little Personality is a Good Thing

If you want to customize your ride and build your dream bike, aftermarket parts give you the options and the look you want. Search for MX aftermarket parts online to find the biggest selection at the best prices. Go online today and learn what you can do to get the sweetest ride.


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