3 Tips For Managing The Social Media Profiles Of A Business

If you have your own social media profiles, you can share and interact with others however you want. Even if you’re working for your own brand, you still have the freedom to be yourself, or whatever version of yourself you’re wanting to share with the world. But when you’re taking care of the social media for a business, you’ve got to have a bit more of a plan in place to make sure you’re representing this business in the correct manner.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three tips for managing the social media profiles of a business.

Have A Solid Understanding Of The Brand

Before you do anything for the social media profiles of any business, be it a business you started on your own or a business that you’ve been hired to do the social media for, you first need to have a very solid understanding of the brand of the business.


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As part of this brand, you’ll want to know what the business’s mission and value are. You’ll also need to know how the brand wants to be portrayed to its target market and the audience of that social media platform at large. Only with this information can you know how to effectively represent a brand and post or interact in the ways in which the brand would want.

Separate The Complaints From Your Content

Every business is going to get complaints from people from time to time. And while it can be helpful to hear this type of feedback and learn from it, you don’t necessarily want these types of comments clogging up your social profiles.

To keep this from happening, you should seek to separate the complaints from the rest of your social content. This can be done by starting a separate profile meant just for complaints. With this profile, seek to quickly respond and help people who reach out to you so that they want to use this profile to find answers to their questions and problems rather than coming to your main social profile.

Stay Human While Using Helpful Tools

With everything else that you have going on with your job and your business, it’s extremely helpful to use social media tools to help you schedule out what you’re going to be posting and keep track of things. However, if you automate your social media too much, it can take the humanity out of your interactions and cause people to lose their connection to you.

If you’re able to, try to keep your posts and interactions very personalized and personable. This will result in people viewing your social profiles as being run by an actual person and not just by some bot that doesn’t care about them.

If you’ll soon be managing the social media profiles for a new business, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how to do this more effectively.


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