How to Promote Regular Events in Your Office

Happy employees make up the key to a happy company, yet only a few companies have done a good job of engaging with their employees. One of the most effective ways for a company to engage its employees is by holding regular office events, and this guide will show the practical ways to plan and promote such an event appropriately!

Why Offices Should Hold Regular Events

There are a lot of events that a company can hold. It can either be a corporate retreat, workshops, conferences, etc. Each event category calls for different strategic requirements, but they all share the same goal of improving team bonds and capabilities.

An office event can also be the right opportunity to celebrate your team’s collaborative efforts and acknowledge everyone’s contribution. So, if you want to inspire your team members and make the bongs between them stronger, such an occasion is the right way to do so.


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Promotional Strategies to Get Employees to Attend Office Events

Employees often have a lot of excuses when they get asked to attend regular company events. It almost feels like handing out extra homework to your students when you are a teacher. But, the tips below should make the job easier and get more people to attend your next office event!

1. Hold the Event During Company Hours

Put yourself in your employee’s shoes: You have spent your whole day answering long emails and tackling meetings. Now, when you are already exhausted from all those things, you have to stay extra hours in the office instead of going home. Will you be happy about it? That being said, holding such events during company hours is the first step to improving attendance rate.

2. Pick a Fancy and Refreshing Venue

It does not matter if your company has a dozen fully-equipped meeting rooms with the most advanced entertainment system. Nonetheless, your employees will need a change of scenery at one point. Look around and see what kinds of venues are available around your office, it can be an alfresco restaurant, a vineyard, or a brunch on a boat.

3. Avoid Including Ridiculous Activities

The last thing each of your employees wants is to make themself look foolish during a company event, so you should not force them to do so. Dynamics like trust falls or anything that involves playing with food should be banished from all corporate events. What you should do is replace them with an activity that does not degrade anyone’s dignity and personal space.

4. Send Targeted Invitations

Invitations are another technique to make your employees aware of your company event. Use corporate email templates to make the invitations more appealing visually so that your team members feel compelled to know more about the event. In addition, sending out well-designed invitations also lets your employees know that you have put effort into the event.

5. Use Catchy Event Copy

Speaking of event invitations, you should also learn how to make catchy event copy. Use an effective headline to catch the recipient’s attention. Pick out interesting and convincing words to explain your event and its purpose. Apart from using it on the invitations, you can also use the copy in your event posters and social media posts.

6. Provide Compelling Culinary Experience

Who does not love having access to great food? By providing great-tasting culinary options, you are telling the attendees that you care about their presence. It also shows that you want to make them feel comfy during the event. This, in turn, will make your employees come to your office event again.

7. Invite Special Guests

When you have an extra budget for your corporate event, you can consider inviting a special guest. If the event is a workshop, you can invite a renowned keynote speaker who is experienced in their field. On the other hand, if it is a casual event, you can invite a singer or band from your local area to boost the team members’ spirit.

Other Tips to Plan Regular Office Events

Sure enough, you can’t just expect successful office events to come out of thin air. Even if you have been holding them regularly and things start to feel like a routine to you, they still require meticulous planning to make sure that nothing will go in the wrong direction.

Besides applying the promotional strategies above, you have to also think about other aspects. These include budget, logistics, and venue. You should also guarantee that all attendees feel included and respected during the event.

The Takeaway

With the right approach and strategy, regular corporate events can be a transformative experience that provides the right opportunities to boost your team morale and strengthen colleague bonds. While it is hard to deny that sometimes it is hard to get employees to attend them, the promotional strategies above can help you make the events more interesting.


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