3 Ways Technology Can Help You Raise Your Credit Score

If you ask a 7-year-old what their credit score is, you”re liable to get a very confused look. Ask him again at 17, and he may tell you that it is something Mom and Dad worry about. Once more at 27 and you will begin to notice concern fill the eyes of a maturing adult who is realizing his credit score represents his financial reputation.

By 37, usually, he has discovered that a credit score of 520 is not a good thing and he will begin to teach himself how to make it better. Because of the simple, but constant advances in technology, his search for help is much easier. Below are three ways it helps.


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There is a verse in the Christian Bible that puts things in a very plain perspective. “You have not, because you ask not.” Many people understand that your credit score is a reflection of your spending habits. However, that same bunch don”t comprehend that lenders use your credit score to take your financial temperature.

If you”re sick with a fever, let”s say you have a credit rating of 515, lenders are going to run from you wearing a medical mask so they don”t catch whatever you have that made you so bad with money. Modern technology has made it possible to research your credit score. Know what it is, how to control it, and how to use it for your advantage.


Once you”ve educated yourself about all the ins and outs of your credit score, take what you know and stand guard over your credit score. Thanks to tech savvy apps, there are several ways to check your credit for free. This will allow you to see what you are doing wrong and right with your financial reputation and make finding ways to make it better easier, as well.

You will be able to see progress on any loans you have out, monitor companies who do hard credit checks, and most apps will offer you ideas for improving your score, too.


How many times have you received junk mail that could have been helpful if only it had been a little more tailored to your situation? Well, worry no more. With computers and the introduction of search engines, you can now search for detailed solutions to your credit dilemmas.

Young and starting out with credit at all? Search for a safe credit card for beginners. Have bad credit? Simply type the words, “I need to fix my credit,” into your choice of search engine and follow the yellow brick road to financial independence.

Technology has helped us with everything from raising children to building houses. Why not help us with our financial self-image as well?!


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