How Technology Works For You: Quick Ways To Make Money Online

Most people are always happy to make a quick buck whenever possible.  The internet is a great place to find fast and viable money-making opportunities if a person knows just where to look.  That is the problem; Too often, online offers lead to a slew of ads and a world of useless clickbait.

Sometimes a 9 to 5 job just is not enough to sustain the type of lifestyle we prefer, and a second earning option is necessary.  The internet provides hundreds of different ways to earn extra income.  If this situation sounds familiar, then it may be a good idea to stick around.  Check out this general overview of a few of the best money-making opportunities online.

Personal loan applications

The power of the digital world has grown quite strong.  It is no longer a long and drawn out process, full of endless paperwork to obtain a small or short-term personal loan.  Online lenders are much more straight forward with their loan requirements.

Though obtaining a loan can be a great way to build a positive credit rating, it is also a great way to ruin a person’s financial standings.  If a personal loan is the chosen route, then make certain to maintain a perfect payment history.


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Review websites and mobile apps

Sites like Swagbucks and User Testing pay individuals to test out websites and mobile applications.  Site owners will pay good money to watch a live user navigate their way around a company website.  This act of voyeurism can provide valuable insight for site designers.

Though quick and easy sites like this might not pay a fortune for user services, it is well worth spending a few moments of free time for a quick income.  Some testing sites pay up to $15 per site.

Become a driver for Uber

Uber has taken the world of transportation by storm, and they did it all through the power of digital efforts.  Uber services are cheaper for patrons, and the company pays its drivers fairly well.

Working as an Uber driver is a job that offers complete independence as well.  Drivers work when they choose through a mobile application that remotely links drivers to clients.

Field Agent jobs pay quickly

Field Agent is a mobile application that provides a running list of local spying opportunities for users.  The app provides quick surveying jobs of local shops and stores.  Owners need assistance checking display accuracy, among other things.

Field Agent sends users out to take photos and submit them to company regulators for verification.  Surprisingly, each job pays rather well.  For around 20 or 30 minutes of work, users get paid anywhere from $3.00 to $10.00 per job.  Just link a valid PayPal account, and start getting paid.


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