3 Ways To Know It’s Time To Update Software

With all the devices you have in your possession, it can be hard to keep up with all the updates and upgrades your software might need. However, if you want your phone, tablet, computer, and more to function the way they should and keep your data protected, it’s vital that you know when and how to update the necessary software. So to help you realize when to start downloading these patches, here are three ways you can know when it’s time to update the software on any of your devices.

Something’s Not Working Right

If you have an app downloaded that’s started getting buggy or hasn’t been working correctly, that’s a good sign that you should look to see if there’s an updated version of the app available. According to Shelley Elmblad, a contributor to The Balance, software companies often make updates once they’ve noticed something that isn’t working right in their app or program. Once you download this update, the problems that you’ve noticed, and even some that you haven’t, should be fixed or otherwise addressed. Additionally, all functionality should be restored to how the developers intended.


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You’ve Been Prompted To Update

In some cases, you might not even realize that your app or program needs to be updated until you’ve been made aware that an update is available. While it can be frustrating to have to stop what you’re doing and wait for an update to download, this is going to be the best action for you to take what you’re prompted to do so. According to Christina DesMarais, a contributor to Techlicious.com, updates often come through when a flaw’s been noticed in the safety or security of the app or program. By downloading the update, you can patch this vulnerability and keep your device and your information safe from prying eyes.

You Don’t See New Features That Have Rolled Out

Another reason you might look to see if an app or program you’re using has an update is if you know there’s been new features added but you don’t have those reflected on your device. According to Christina Bonnington, a contributor to Refinery29.com, many updates and additions that are made for your favorite apps won’t show up for you until and unless you download the most recent update. So if you know there are features that your app is missing, look where you buy apps on your device to see if there’s an available update for you.

If you don’t consider yourself very tech savvy and aren’t sure about making updates to the apps on your device, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you know when these vital updates or even upgrades are present for you to take advantage of.


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