4 Tips for Designing the Ultimate Home Investment Site

It’s easier than ever to design your own website with platforms like WordPress making it fun, simple and many times free. However, nothing takes the place of a skilled web designer; the keyword here being “skilled” since just about anyone can freelance with this title. Remember that a good web designer isn’t just an artist but knows search engine optimization and how it impacts a website, responsive design, and can help guide you with mobile readiness.

Whether you manage a real estate agency or offer expert tips and analyses for a home’s profitability, you need to make sure a few key design tips are taken care of. Beauty and functionality are equally important with web design, so don’t lean too heavily on just one of these facets. Here’s your starter checklist to build a solid foundation:

Don’t get “creative” with nav bars

Your visitors know exactly where they want the contact button to be as well as the gallery or services. They’ve been conditioned over several years, and changing things up too much is only going to confuse and frustrate them. Things get even worse when you have “invisible” links and tabs that they need to hunt for. They’ll simply go elsewhere where nav bars are where they “should” be.

Making contacting you easy and diverse

Sometimes your visitors are in a rush and just want to pick up the phone and call you. Making contacting you as well as buying online as easy and stress-free as possible. Offer as many options as you can for contact including phone (with minimal customer automation), live chat, video chat, or email. When you offer an environment your clients are happy with, they’re more likely to reach out.


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Add mobile readiness only as you see fit

It’s a mobile ready world but that doesn’t mean that your home investment site is necessarily a good match for it. This can be an app, a mobile version of your website or both, but don’t offer these just because everyone else is doing it. Conduct market research and find out what it is your specific audience wants. Sometimes a mobile version of a site should be a default, sometimes it should be an option and other times it’s not necessary at all.

Never forget SEO

Search engine optimization is what search engines use to rank your site. If you’re not easy to find online (on the first page of results) you might as well not have a website. It can be a costly addition, but it more than pays for itself.

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