Words Of Inspiration: Positive Apps To Aid Addiction Recovery

There are many factors that contribute to successful recovery from addiction or alcoholism. Residential treatment is one of the most powerful tools, but it doesn’t end there. Rather, patients need aftercare support and family understanding to fully recover. Other valuable sources of support include AA and NA meetings, religious practice, and finding new communities and hobbies.

Sharing words of inspiration, whether they’re from a particular religious tradition, a celebrity, or other cultural source of wisdom, is one way that treatment programs support those who have graduated back into their daily lives. Inspirational apps have also cropped up, allowing addicts to carry such inspiration in their pockets.

A Sponsor In Your Pocket

Taking charge of your own recovery is an important step towards freedom from addiction, but no one successfully goes through the recovery process alone. The iSponsor app lets you carry support in your pocket in a uniquely self directed way. The app features pictures from your camera, a range of inspirational quotes, and also allows you to identify and add reasons you’ve chosen recovery. Because you create the feed for yourself, iSponsor helps addicts and alcoholics in recovery make positive choices and create and capture happy life experiences on the road to well-being.


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Break Up The Day

It’s all well and good to start your day with an inspirational quote. It sets you up to have a positive mindset as you get ready to go about your daily life. This is great when you’re dreading the prospect of getting out of bed or feeling an especially strong craving at the start of the day, but what about the rest of the time? This is where Afternoon Affirmations come in.

The Afternoon Affirmations app, only available for iOS platforms, provides some positive words of wisdom in the middle of the day when your feelings of strength begin to wane. This can be a real help when work has you feeling down or when lack of a job leaves your afternoon hours empty, only to be filled by cravings. These positive words can help those in recovery set off in a new direction when they start to get off course.

A Source Of Direction

When your old go to activity was hanging out at the bar or with your other drug addicted friends, it can be hard to find actions that match the inspirational quotes that keep you moving towards sobriety. QuoteActions solves this problem by providing actions and activities for actualizing those inspirational messages. Follow through on these action-oriented to move towards a positive, productive life.

Inspirational words alone may not be enough to transform your life while recovering from addiction, but they are a valuable source of wisdom and support. Let these apps help guide your actions towards a better you, even when the going gets tough.


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