Samsung Galaxy S4 in 2015: Is it still worthy?

A legend in every way

First things first. For a smartphone to stay relevant in today”s bustling market for more than a year, let alone two years, is a feat not many models can claim. On top of that, the fact that there are people who still consider the Samsung Galaxy S4 a prime choice says a big deal about the trust that users have placed on the manufacturer and their model.

Without doubt, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was the best model in the market when it was released in 2013, but the same cannot be said of it today. For one, two years have passed since its release. The world has seen better technology, designs and features. Samsung has released the Galaxy S5 in 2014 and the Galaxy S6 was announced towards the end of March. So unless you are planning to buy your first smartphone without burning a hole in your pocket, Galaxy S4 may not be the right phone for you.

There are a few things that go in the Galaxy S4’s favor. One of course is the price. It costs way less than what it used to in 2013. Two successive models and two years have brought down the cost considerably down, pretty much within the limit of an average buyer. You can check out the Samsung Mobile price list to do a comparative study with its latest models.


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Second is the brand value. There isn’t much that hasn’t gone Samsung’s way in the past few years; be it design, features, innovation and ground breaking technology. Although you wouldn”t get much by reselling your Galaxy S4 today, it is a safe buy at any point of time due to its robust design and features.

Let us look at some facts before you go ahead with your purchase of Galaxy S4

The cheap price tag comes with its own baggage

Two years is an incredibly long time for a smartphone in today’s market which witnesses a new model every other month. Even though this will ensure you get a cheaper price tag, it also means less or non-existent support. Updates specifically aimed at this model have dried up from the Samsung factory. Although, they have planned a Galaxy S4 Android 5.0 Lollipop update, eventually, such releases will come to nought and you will be left with no option but to go for a recent model. It may not sound like a huge problem right now, but with better updates and features sure to make its way in 2015 and 2016, you are definitely going to feel left out.

Why not the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Now, this is an option every potential S4 buyer should consider. By all standards, the S5 is a far superior model than the S4. The only thing going against in the minds of average users till now was the higher price tag. But, with the Samsung Galaxy S6 set to hit the markets soon, the S5 prices are going to fall down like dry leaves. And this is when the to-be-S4- buyer can score some brownie points. At the same price you would pay for the S4 now, you would get a model that is better designed, comes with more accessories and definitely more software support. So, the prospect of buying an S5 is definitely worth the wait and is a better deal any day.

What are my options other than the Galaxy S4 and S5?

So, that takes us to the inevitable question. If you are looking for a cheap smartphone that isn’t obsolete, what other options are there to pursue?

The best option you should consider is the brilliant LG G3. Even though this model is only a year old, competition from rival models have bought down the prices considerably making it a viable alternative to the S4. It also comes with better software support and design.

One can always try out websites like YouTellMe where you could explore other models suited for your needs.

Final Verdict:

Although the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a decent buy any day, we wouldn”t go on to say it is the best decision to take right now. With the Galaxy S5 prices set to come down in the coming months and the S4’s support drying up, a little reconsideration here could mean a much better smartphone at the same price bracket. You also have the option of looking outside the Samsung factory at other models too. All said and done, the final decision rests with the buyer and we trust you to choose well.

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